I feel like the ranked system is sloppy

Little confused on how the point system works. I will win both rounds and have a positive kd and yet still receive negative points both rounds. Why doesn’t winning take a larger effect in your rank points? And why do I get penalized if players leave the other team? Is there a way you can show me what is gaining me the most points (kills, head shots, executions, etc.) and what is losing me the most points (too many repetitive deaths, low points per minute, only used the gnasher the whole game). I’d like to see these stats so I can better analyze my play and how I can improve. Right now it feel like Who’s Line is it Anyway where the points don’t matter. Take a look at CS:GO they are brutal over there… doesn’t matter if you drop a 30 bomb and carry your team a loss is a loss and you will be negatively impacted for that… and the flip side of that you could be like me in that game and get carried to victory and rank up from sheer luck. While I don’t care for the cs way of going about things I think a change of sorts would be nice. (at least break the game down better for me and display all the stats)