I feel like the point system for gaurdian needs to be completely reestablished

I play gaurdain quite a bit and every one knows to win the game you survive as the leader or kill the leader, i will play several matches where im the leader twice in a game and or kill the leader twice which is the most important part if winning the game yet when i do this i find mysekf in the middle or at the bottom of the leader board yet if it wasnt fir what i was doing we might not of won the match, so why is the person responsible for winning the match not giving a better point spread, i feel like the leader should be getting points for every kill a team mate makes and should be getting more points for surviving as the leader. Cause after all the leaders goal isnt to get the most kills possible it is ti stay alive and be smart about where they place them selves for team mates to respawn, id that not what leader should be doing? So why not be rewarded for it, put in all this effort that is extremely important to winning the game and the points gained for doing it are nothing, seems kinda b.s. to me, in .y opinion for every kill a team mate gets the leader should be getting 20 to 30 points per kill, for staying alive they should be getting 500 points not 250, if the leader kills the leader in the other team and survives that kill should be 500 points, and if you just kill the leader as a regular character you should be getting like 300 points after all isnt that the main objective? Yet there is no extra reward for doing it, the onlt reward currently given is to those who turtle that dont go for the goal they just sot back and wait for kills, why cator to the player who is doing the opposite of getting the job done? Like i realize its importance to have some one helping protect the leader but just sotting back doesnt help accomplish winning the game it actually just promotes the game ending because the clock ran out, why promote turtling? Seems extremely counterproductive, shouldnt we be focused on the objective of the game, not our own personal kill death ratio? Isnt that what team death match is for? Gaurdian isnt team death match, the point if the match isnt to have the best k/d its to kill the leader and win the match, so why isnt the point system based upon the objective of the game more than a persons personal desire fir a a good k/d, gaurdian is my favorite game type but its extremely silly that everything is like this,

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Wow. Hard to read, but agree. Many modes need a point makeover. Reward the objective.

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I only recently started playing ranked guardian and i told my friend i thought it’s odd how i came in dead last on our team and i killed their leader twice…like completing the main objective isn’t worth jack according to the game

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Agreed. Bad company 2 always had such a perfect point system rewarding the players who played the objective and played their role. I would love to see Gears focus more on that.

Guardian is my favorite mode but the point system is soooo poorly thought out. If you are highly efficient at the objective your rank may be low. If you want to hit a high rank in Guardian you only need to camp in front of the leader and lancer the begeezus out of people as they push. The points system rewards high kills, not the objective and, as someone who prides themself on making smart plays, that’s a huge let down for me.