I feel like the new characters don't treat the Hammer of Dawn with the kind of awe it deserves

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kait, JD, Del, and Fahz had never seen the Hammer being fired before the Gears 5 campaign, right? It seems likely that it hadn’t been fired since before any of them were born. They don’t seem that impressed, though, the first time they see it cut a Swarm battalion to ribbons. And they certainly don’t seem to ponder what the COG might do with the Hammer back. Paduk sorta seems like he’s trying to get at that last point, but then he just drops it.


They might have seen historical film footage of it being fired? I mean, I’ve seen the atomic bomb go off (in a video).

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They most likely already saw it in action during a COG Training Video or something. Still, seeing it up close irl should evoke some emotion in it’s destructive ability.

We’ve all seen nuclear explosions online, in video games and film/tv but I bet everyone, no matter who you are, would be horrified at the sight of one irl (standing well outside range of course) I know I would

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could you rephrase that a bit? im a bit confused on what you mean.

Did you miss the entirety of Vasgar?

and granted, that was only one satellite that was working, the others were not connected to each other in Act I.

The new characters are loser idiots, that is way!

He sort of says, “Even if you get the Hammer online, you’re just buying some time,” and the characters are like, “What do you mean?” like they think he’s just saying the Swarm will inevitably win even against the Hammer (and maybe he is) but he doesn’t elaborate further.

It will probably relate to his own story, in which he sacrificed everything to defeat the COG, yet still lost. Humanity sacrificed all they had to defeat the Locust, yet the Swarm still popped up. In the Aftermath part of Judgment, he’s already being cynical about defeating the Locust, being like ‘Let them have it, this planet is ruined anyway’. He’s trying to tell them that you can keep on trying, but still you’ll fail.

Edit: and I agree with you about their lack of respect for the HoD.

well dont you remember that Prescott blew up locust infested cities with the hammer? and it didnt work? of course hes gonna doubt the hammer. The HOD bought time, thats it. Adam Fenixs immulsion counter measure device is what “killed” the locust.

It did work though, the Hammer strikes decimated the Locust hordes and gave humanity time to group.

key word right there bud, time.
the same could be said about the Lightmass bomb, Hoffman said it himself “we have a plan to end this war, once and for all” lol the locust still came back.