I feel like the Halo 3 matchmaking system would be good for Gears

I’m not sure why other games don’t follow suit, but so many seem to have matchmaking where solo players are matched against full parties or even partial parties which put one team at a huge disadvantage.

This seems to be the case for almost all modern games and I’m not sure why they wouldn’t try and incorporate it into more games. Even Call of Duty usually has a solo team playlist to search in as a one off playlist.

Halo 3 had it so parties of two would play other parties of two and larger parties play larger parties. Maybe this was too difficult to put in while still keeping strong matchmaking latency but it would be a great feature to have, especially for ranked.

Maybe I just need more competitive friends ha, but as a late 20s full time worker new homeowner I don’t get as much time online or regular slots to play anymore so it’s difficult to find consistent people to play with.