I feel like surviving as leader should be rewarded a little more points wise. [Guardian]

If you’re good at the game and you want to try for mvp there’s often no chance to do it if you’re leader unless you run in guns blazing. I feel like the survivor bonus should scale with time so that if the round goes on for a while you feel better compensated for surviving and playing right instead of constantly trying to engage in battles. The cap for the scaling is debatable but I think it would encourage good team play.

Edit: I know this comes off as another complaint but I was just thinking how a round can go for like 6+ minutes or under 1 and you still get a flat 250 points.


I think we should create a “Main Electronic Wolf feedback and complaints thread” at this point.

JK, but you do like to talk about Versus a lot lately.


My boy, we need to get some guardian going.

@Forza_Cali and @TC_Clown

Let’s get this man some Ws.


I’m doing alright right now I was just throwing the thought out after seeing my measley 250 points haha

Edit: @grey_mineman

Edit2: But a little bit of a boost with you guys when I’m free would help me crack 100. I really wanna get balls deep in the top 100 so I can get my rewards and then never have to top 100 again lol

Edit3: Trouble with a Electronic-Wolf complaint thread would be that there’s a 10000 max post limit and then it gets autolocked.

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@TC_Clown is a walking W. He can carry.


If you play guardian, go ahead and remove me from the friends list.

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You don’t like escort missions? :sob:

What!? I got hacked!!

I hate Guardian :eyes: