I feel like spawn protection on guardian is too short

You get two (2) seconds. Which makes it easy as ■■■■ to spawn camp on certain maps. I know it’s probably low due to the fact that when spawns switch ■■■■ goes down and you can’t afford to have like 5 seconds but even having 3 seconds would help especially considering I feel like on base xbox I don’t even load in for the first second.

U seriously need some friends to talk gears related stuff with.

No offence👍

99% of the people on these forums have been here talking about gears 5 since launch, and most know these game inside out. Everyday u post topics thats either have been discussed before or a simple search would give u the answers u want.

Swearing in post isnt something that would make me want to get involved with this discussion, reads like a 15yearold is typing.

Not saying u cant come here and post questions but everytime i see a post by u i think “what now”

I dont care about spawn protection in any mode, i have a gun that shoots also.

Have a nice day.


Bro, you clearly are having an especially bad time with Guardian. Hate to say it but maybe the mode is not for you. Perhaps try your hand at another mode?

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I recommend control instead of guardian. You do seem to be having a rough time at Guardian :pensive:

I wish they would have never made spawn swapping a thing in Guardian… Or even made it so in private matches you could turn it off…

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it should be zero spawn protection like Gears 4.

I’d only recommend control if you’re running with some friends, my god that’s a rotten experience solo.

Guardian however is pretty fun solo

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That’s true. Guardian is bearable without friends. I just thought he might have a better time lol.

But he seems to not have fun in guardian so idk what to tell him.

I think he’s being far too hard on himself, I’ve bumped into him a fair bit on guardian and he does alright. We all have our bad and good games.

One thing I’ve found with gears is my god, you need a day or three off here and there, no other game angers me like GOW. Had a lovely light up mini keyboard and my fist went straight through it a few months back , no regrets :rofl:

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I do get tilted af. What bad matches do to a mf.

Oh yeah for sure, gow gets me rattled. Its the only game I’ve ever been com banned from :flushed:. But 5 seriously (pun intended) grinds my gears, I sometimes get a hankering for some versus and I’ll play a few matches, but one stomping by a really good team could make me depressed and destroy an innocent controller :sweat_smile:

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