I feel cheated with Gears 5 for PC. It llook's like a beta with all modes unlocked

Let me explain:

The last week, all of famous Reviewers had published their reviews, the most of them puts a 9.0, 10/10, 9.5 /10, etc. So, i’m very exited with the new campaing, the new experience and the outcome of the story. After 15 hours of play, finishing the game on experimented difficulty (hardcore) i feel cheated with the MARKETING and the fake reviewers who praise the game, when the campaing mode are filled with bugs of all type. So I think, TheCoalition doesn’t have a big team of testers in all modes? How is posible that the coalition launch a incomplete game as if it were complete, it’s unacceptable.

In other way, how it’s possible that Xbox Live and The Coalition cannot foresee the milloons of players that will connect to play GEARS 5 from September 6 ! I couldn’t play co-oop campaing with my friends because they were disconected from the game every 1-5 minutes.I’m very disappointed with that.
On PC I have been reported since the Tech Test, THE AUDIO ARE laggy, choppy, it stop every second, make the game unplayable. I Have my PC updated at day, all drivers, I tried with the bitrate of the sound but nothing, really that this issue persist in the final game? Even when everyone knew? So the tech test were oonly for the servers thaat failed in the final game too?

Continue with the challenges, it’s imposible make them because the progress dooesn’t work! TheCoalition has
boasted with the “IMPULSE DAYS”, I lost 3 days because the servers or the game doesn’t save my progress, I’m just playing for fun, but How long will my fun last until it bores me? I say, the skins are poor, the only way to unloock loot is making chalenges, how can I do to make them if the progress doesn’t save?

Finally, thanks The Coalition, for delivering an incomplete, untested and funny game in time instead of delaying it, I appreciate it so omuch.

You need to get better with the Tester Team! I’m a software Developer and I put a lot of effort on my developments, especially in the Test Phase of every module, every layout, every script.

Keep working, i’m expect that in two weeks all of the issues that we have will fix.

So far my humble opinion, we will see on the battlefield!