I feel cheated by the game

About 8 Months ago or more Game Pass has a quest to install Gears 5. So I did. The game gave me a 30day boost for first time joining. I wasn’t ready to actually get into the game and now that opportunity is gone. It’s really disappointing to the point I’m just going to delete the game and move on.

Is there a way to completely reset my gears 5 profile?

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No, but if your not getting into PvE, boost is pretty much useless to you, and even if your getting into PvE it only boosts xp, not card drops so dont worry too much about it.

I enjoy competitive gaming. I feel the game shouldn’t have forced me to start an XP boost before I was even interested in playing. I filed a support ticket, if they fail to do anything about this I’ll just move on to another game.

However, thank you for answering that there is no way to reset my profile. Also very disappointing.

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You can still “competitive game” without Boost.

Boost just gives you more XP. Grinding for XP isn’t “competitive gaming”.


Support will not do anything for you, it sucks but thats just how they programmed boost to work.

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Gamepass means OP has at least 1k Iron (or 1,5 - don’t remember the amount for the Ult Edt) enough for 30 or 100 days of boost.

Since when did ultimate edition give iron?

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No iron, just auto started 30 days of boost XP. In my opinion support should reset that for me. I don’t feel that it was very fair, kinda got baited into installing it in the first place for a few dumb points on gamepass.

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I am so confused…


Boost is completely worthless anyway unless you really care about proggression grinding to level 100 over and over. Which should be pointless to a true competitive gamer.

If your such a fan of competitive gaming you should be playing ranked matchmaking. Your rank goes down automatically at the beginning of each season so you can compete with more players and you get to rank up again.

Your rank and your proggression level are two separate systems.

If you did not want to play Gears 5 when game pass had this quest then you should not have downloaded it then. No body baited you into downloading the game, that was your decision. Maybe a little impulse control would help you avoid this in the future.


Don’t be such a cheapskate.


Its probably the best thing to do.

Look you got the game and got boost with it so there really isnt a “hey we will hold onto this until your ready” kind of scenario here. Second you load up the game thats an indication in itself that your are ready.

There will be future boost give aways anyway.

Besides you would of been cheated by the game in other ways like having the game throw lag into the middle of a Gnasher fight lol.

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Since launch? The UE doesn’t seem to be listed anymore so I can’t really proof it but I remember wasting at least 1k Iron to unlock characters hidden behind tokens for dailies not knowing what Iron even was.

“This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!”


It should be obvious that I would never post such a thing.


Huh, I have ultimate edition but never got any extra iron, I only got that starter 250 plus 250 from the road to gears 5 task.

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Boost gives you more stars = more gears coins to buy stuff. Even in VS.
That’s all boost does now.

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I agree I think it’s absurd that they charge real world money for boost only for you to have no control over what days you use it. Every other game allows you to manually burn an xp boost except for gears and it’s ridiculous but unfortunately that’s the way it is. On the upside you really don’t honestly need it it’s just a waste of money to grab extra stars and a bit of extra xp per round. There’s more than enough time to reach general rank in the tour sans boosting for extra stars and your profile xp really doesn’t factor into the game so much as you get something when you re-up past that the only important things to keep your eyes open for are ways to get extra character xp and cards via dailies and weeklies.

I’m confused. You were given something free for 30 days and you purposely didn’t use it during those 30 days. How were you cheated?


It’s a bit like me going into a newly opened cake shop who were giving away free promotional cupcakes, taking a few of them, not eating them because I’m on a diet, and then going back 6 months later demanding more free cupcakes because the ones I took previously had gone off.