I feel bad for the latest 2 escape map

it become another toxic as master horde.
Force player to use meta characters or you aint going to pass it.(or you need alot of luck or tons of time)

Those flying salvos n trishot and mini bosses with vamp mods.
Wanna to see dev to finish it without fahz cole kait clayton keegan JD.

Is it hard? I will say gatekeeper is way easier than the last one but if just because it dont have the active ability super slow recharge.
Once players get the train/xray/resupply there is no more difficult in escape, its just imbalance.

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This is like saying “I’d like to see Brazil/France/Spain/Germany win the World Cup without all of their best players.”

I mean, I don’t understand what you’re getting at here at all. This Hive features bosses - of course it’s going to require high-damage characters. Different Hives are created with a particular theme and gameplay loop in mind. Melee Brawl was made with melee-combat in mind; Venom Run was made with running and timing flashbangs in mind; The Malfunction was made with sniping in mind. The Onslaught was made with high-damage and crowd-control in mind. Many Hives also feature areas which rely on different skill sets at different points which emphasise the need for a team mate to step up.

Escape is a three player mode. It’s not like Horde where there’s more room to manuevre with character choice.

I’m personally happy that the last couple of Hives has been more challenging. Master difficulty is supposed to be hard. The first two (The Ambush; and The Malfunction) as well as the last one from Op 3 (The Corruption) were far too easy, and I think part of it was because the characters you chose didn’t matter so much. You mostly get through them easily with your basic core skills.



it isnt about challenge or not.

Its about the balance, every character shoud have their place in the game.

So before they rise the difficult of maps, first of all is give those weak character buffs.

Also i duno why the pve ability patch just never arrive.

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I believe most characters do have a place in the game. But they don’t necessarily all have a place in every single Escape Hive. Fact is some characters fulfil quite different roles and these skills won’t necessarily be useful in all Escape Hives.

Like I said, Escape Hives have a theme and this will determine gameplay.

Let’s take The Malfunction as an example. It features lots of DeeBee Shepherds and there is a mutator which enables them to fire freezing bullets. Because of this, melee characters will typically have a hard time because using melee combat becomes very high-risk. That’s why a sniper like Fahz, Baird or Paduk would be a better option.

However on many other maps there is usually a role for a melee character, and Lahni and Cole are both considered very powerful in this role.

Or consider Melee Brawl - there aren’t really any notable explosive weapons on this Hive, so therefore Keegan is a fairly redundant character whereas on other Hives he is very powerful. This Hive also doesn’t feature many ammo boxes. This Hive has a specific design and gameplay loop in mind - melee combat.

The Hives you mentioned - The Onslaught; and The Gatekeepers are Hives which require high-damage characters. If all characters were suddenly strong enough to deal out such damage, then it defeats the purpose of having different characters and roles because they’d all be able to do the same (or similar) levels of damage.

Also, Horde and Escape are very different modes, and some characters are simply more suited to one over the other.


Honestly, this map was pretty easy. I beat it with fahz, Kait and cog gear. I would be willing to bet it could easily be completed with Paduk, Lizzie and emile/lahni/mac

the point is let Dev do it.

I know some players can try it hundreds of time until they find a way out.

But dev is the one should test the map with every combination of character before releases


I think as long as you have someone to handle the Juvies and Elite Grenadiers closing in and one character with enough damage to wipe out the enemies, you should be fine. The Swarmak is tricky if you can’t get to its back though, which isn’t very evident when there’s Poppers and other enemies constantly spawning in while a Swarmak is trying to shoot you up.

How would that team deal with a Matriarch/Sentinel?

Lizzie can drop shot or use silverback. Paduk can use Markza. Matriarchs are stupid and easy. Mac could use long shot/boltok

Paduks fear also works on the flyers for extra damage and there are sometimes tri shots or salvos available. Cryo too. All good option

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The Devs don’t have to do this at all. They can if they wanted to. But they don’t have to. They are perfectly entitled to create a map to be played in one or two different ways using only say, a third of the available characters. When designing a game or a level, they create a “gameplay loop”. They can make it as general, or as specific as they want. If they want the loop to feature use of powerful heavy weapons, then they can. If they want to create a Hive which involves melee combat, then they can as well.

On a sidenote, I’d be interested to know how TC intend to implement the Fabricator in Escape in future. I know they will appear in The Split (which I believe is the next Hive) and they basically act like a giftbox which offers a player one of two predetermined weapons. I have no idea what kinds of weapons are offered, whether they are similar weapons which promote the same gameplay loop (e.g.: a choice between two precision rifles), or if they are radically different weapons to each other (e.g.: a precision rifle, or a set of frag grenades).

I think there’s scope for TC to implement this and create multiple paths through the Hive which promote slightly different styles of play. The Mines and The Clock had two different paths and exits which were distinctly different. TC could build on this and this could promote more characters to be used in that particular Hive. For example one path could feature the need to snipe from long range and players would prepare for this by choosing to take a Longshot from a Fabricator. Alternatively the other path could feature close quarter combat with Juvies and Sires, and the Fabricator could offer a Gnasher as the other weapon option. Just an idea, but this would mean that both Fahz and Kait would be equally viable despite being very different in style.

that why sh-it game is common nowdays.

Nearly no game tests and let players become their game tester or do the debug.

And players think its ok.

Replay to that one said
Paduk, Lizzie and emile/lahni/mac
You must not running master difficult.
The double damage mod with hp drain arent joke.

I have a teammate try to use Mac and got oneshot by sentinel or every enemy with aoe, barrier just not safe. Only clayton reflect or cole is safe against the double damage mod(its more than 2times normal damage)

Also sliverback is oneshot by every range boss attack, hammer maybe good but u need to restart many time to make sure u have the dropshot scion from beginning.

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You’re twisting my words. my comment wasn’t even about bug testing etc, and you’re basically using my words to make a totally different argument.

What I said, was that Hives do not need to be created so that they can be completed with every single character. GOW5 is a class-based game and each character offers different strengths and weaknesses. Each Hive has a theme and is designed to be played in a particular way.

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It would be nice if some escape maps went through rigorous testing, Onslaught, and Forever especially, but then it would take way too long to get maps. It’s already taking three weeks as is. Do you really want to wait possibly months just for a new escape map? Little or no testing is one of the compromises we accept when we play a software as a service game, which is what most games are becoming now.

as cole is offense and marcus is tank.
Great design :stuck_out_tongue:
Its nothing to say after you said that funny sh-it

Product >test>sell
And u say they only have to test it if they wanna to.

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Paduk with stim and bleeding + Mac’s bleeding

The same, but Lizzie could already have her Silverback at that point if she gets the first Longshot

Gonna check if I find ppl willing to beat the hive without these. Should be doable.

Boomshot or GL
Mulcher or Trishot
and a 3rd option which I can’t remember atm

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use the full sentence , thats not even a challenges.
Thats a mock to lack of testing of the Dev.

Also sliverback oneshot by any boss range attck in master difficult. Nc armor
Mac barrier also bypass by salvo and swarmak aoes

And paduk armor shot:) the most useless skill card without cog or Marcus next to him?
Also the bleed is so little(that fake 60% compare to other bleeders)

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Again, you’re completely misunderstanding my comment; and twisting my words around. You’re not differentiating between bug-testing, and intended gameplay loops.

Let me spell this out to you - most Escape Hives are created and intended to be played in a few different styles. Some characters will just not have the necessary skillsets to be useful in every single Hive. This is why we have several characters to choose from. It doesn’t mean that these characters cannot be used on another Hive, but each Hive is different.


If it’s not a challenge why should the devs do it then?

What? He has multiple Options to create stim by himself. Have you even played Paduk?

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So what your saying is TC don’t test their games and rely on their fans to test for them? My various gods! Thats just lunacy