I Fall Asleep A Few Time Playing Ranked Matches

Im literally pushing the entire team by my self with a gnasher but how do i die? the movement is entierly too slow combined with the stopping power of lancers and a cross you got yourself a mlg game battle i literally fall asleep playing gears 5 because how utterly slow paced it is if TC cant comply can there be a gnasher only game type with revamped movement gnashers wall bounce and strafes similar to gears 3 or faster than gears 3 its ridiculous its not even gears anymore i never fall asleep playing any game but this one

Movement seems fine. Maybe try and use other weapons instead of just using the gnasher. For example if you’re running round on icebound let’s say. You’re gonna get slaughtered by long range weapons, try other things. Can’t blame it on movement speed.

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The movement is stupid slow i see so many complaints about the movements it’s ridiculous it’s not fine especially compared to gears 3 you may as well be playing gears one movement wise and yes you can bounce around long range weapons with a increased wall bounce speed

Seems like a pretty serious medical condition


I also fall asleep sometimes because everybody is hiding and waiting for somebody to capture the ring to lancer him down. Its extremly boring especially on icebound or bunker! We need definitly more maps, its a shame to start with 7 maps #boreout

Yes bordrem is one :sleepy: probably have borderline narcolepsia from playing slow ranked matches

Would a free delivery driver Mac skin make you feel better? i heard they were in high demand


Tell me about it it’s so boring even I was a pro esports player I’d run in and die like an idiot 250000k I couldnt keep my self to play a camp lancer match I’d probably be texting somewhere in the back of the map I played matches where I sat and finished an entire meal and everybody would still be lancering in the same spot I’m like really who’s on a kill streak yet it’s a third person call of duty


I honestly don’t know why they don’t put the selected Gears 4 maps in the online rotation.

Would make alot more sense but hey I’m not the Coalition :man_shrugging:t5: if I was gears would be funny fun and stupid with endless content and all maps and community made maps and skins you can wall bounce with invader Zim and body with the map from dora the explorer well not that stupid :joy::joy: but close more like a play with arron Griffin but have a Mr.Clean reskin :joy::joy:

I must say, I’ve seen quite a few digs you have taken at delivery driver Mac in various posts. Somehow they make me laugh every time. Good job! Lol

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Yeah, movement is fine if this were a game focused on lancers, oh wait, it is. Complaining about only using gnasher and how other weapons are useless (not saying you are specifically saying this) is the same thing as how the lancer is right now, completely overpowered.

You cant try to go from cover to cover to flush out campers by outplaying them with movement, not with a nerfed and ■■■■■■ up gnasher, nerfed movement, added delay AND buffed lancer, stopping power and open maps where you can get lancered down like a dog from everywhere.

Forcing a player to use only one playstyle is counter intuitive, Gears 3 did it right with open areas that still had enough cover for you to slowly get closer and fight it out with the gnasher, if you were good that is. Thing is, in this game you get slaughtered by long range weapons no matter what map it is, doesnt even matter if youre running around or not, you cant clutch anymore because if you try to hide and wallbounce with the gnasher, you get flashed and lancered down by 3 guys while 2 rush you.