I enjoyed the game a lot, but here a few things that I would like to be touched up

I really enjoyed this game and I think this a very solid first go at this genre for Gears. The gameplay feels great and there’s a lot to build upon for future titles… I just have a few issues though.

Side Missions.
I wouldn’t mind if these were skip able or downright removed in this game or next. I think these are decent at first, but these really killed my playthrough during Act 2 and 3. They don’t interest me. I look forward to main missions, but seeing that I have 3 side missions to do before going into the next one I get pretty turned off. They also don’t fill like side missions since they aren’t optional like the side stuff in the Gears 5 campaign. I would really prefer if they were actually optional in this game. I understand that you can’t remove them now, but please think about it for future titles.

Snipers Pinning
I personally find this feature infuriating majority of the time. If it’s just one it’s pretty easy to deal with, but sometimes the game spawns around 3+ snipers and my squad gets completely pinned. If I move at all I get shot, but if I don’t move I get shot anyway. And because most of my squad is pinned I can’t do anything to combat this. I managed to get through it, but this really killed missions for me. I would like if only 1 sniper max could pin or just removing this feature from snipers. Overwatch and all that is fine, but I really didn’t enjoy the pinning feature from Snipers. I would like this changed.

Veteran Missions/Somewhat Side Missions
I just finished the main game and now I can do these side missions. This is more just a preference, but for at least Veteran Missions I don’t want my squad to limited. Like I understand Side Missions because traveling reasons, but I feel like at this point in the game I shouldn’t have to deal with this. I would have a lot more fun if I could stick the characters I want to play with during end game. I don’t wanna play Veteran Missions if I have to deal with all this limiting again. I hope this is changed soon.

Again really, I enjoyed this game and i’m looking forward to what’s next in the series. I would just like this stuff be acknowledged and hopefully changed. Did anybody else have these complaints or maybe different ones?

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I think pinning is ok, sucks when you get more than one but they’re snipers. The problem for me is the game abusing overwatch, it shouldn’t be so powerful.

Haven’t finished the game yet but from what I’ve read there are several things that the devs will clearly take into consideration, side missions and your crew being one of them.

Yeah getting triple pinned is tough but still manageable. Actually maneuvering around it desperate late felt like a challenging gears moment. You can even disable shot them. My biggest issue is I’m not sure if it was a bug but when my scout cloaked while pinned she got downed. I thought the sniper pin skill followed the same rules as overwatch

It is a bug, cloak disable pinning.

Why everything bold ? It just make it worst to read (at least for me).

I never had more than 2 units pinned. I just had a triple pin, but two was focusing the same unit (my own sniper).
But I had times when they decide to do not pin and directly shoot. And on Insane level it means they kill, so I really prefer they keep this feature.
Also, that make them unique and challeging to face, I would be really sad if they just remove for normal overwatch.
I understand the problem you had, but I prefer a limitation as 2 turn cooldown or the AI never pin you last unit.

Side mission
The main problem with side mission is they don’t add much. I feel you quicly have enough mod and do not really need more equipement.
If they keep only a strong story based tactic game, reduce the number of side mission would be nice.
Other solution could be to add more management option, then side mission become useful to gather ressources.

Maybe they can fix most of the issues in the TUs, as well as the console port (like we needed one).