I don't mind the ranking system but still hate it

I don’t mind seeing that i’m top 500 or whatever. that’s cool i guess, but why am i still getting placed into games with people who seem like they have never played the game before? Just dropped 12 kills in exe yet lost, no big deal although the other guy on my team says he was pretty much new to gears and just picked this gamemode. meanwhile he was going 0-11. Yet, we are playing a stacked team which also doesn’t bother me. It does bother me getting kids who don’t even have a slight clue how to play. It’s like watching a horde player play multiplayer for the first time in their life. They suck and aren’t even remotely good when it comes to MP. Not sure if i like this ranking system or the previous to be honest. Mainly cause they both kind of sucked.

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if there’s a wide skill gap in players at this point then I would assume it’s just a matter of being a low player count for the mode

do you have the same issue with control or TDM?

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That is an oxymoron, if you hate something you certainly more than mind it.


Comes down to bad matchmaking.

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Yeah, i think solo queue has not been quite pleasant since the new operation dropped with the new ranking system. Previously at least if you reached to masters the people would know how to shoot :confused:

I read this title five times, and it still makes no sense