I dont like complaining, so this is more of just a question

For the Gears Wars 4 My Rewards, I am not getting any credit for the matches I play in Horde normal and above. I have checked to make sure that Connected User Experience and Telemetry is activated and it was that way by default. Yet, I get no credit at all for the matches I play. Any ideas as to why? Thank you for any response.

You are sure you don’t get any credits? Make sure you know how many you have and then play and see what happens…It’s a visual bug when nothing comes up after the game ends sometimes…That has happened to be once only and I did get my xp/credits

There’s been issue recently where not even XP or Credits given.

Do you know if the problem is already fixed? Or do you know when they will fix it?

Nope, they should announce it at some point.

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A friend is playing right now and he has told me that it is going well, I do not know if it is fixed at all :s

Yeah mate. I have played 2 sessions of 50 and I am still at 0 on the Rewards page.

Are you talking about the microsoft studios skins on the rewards page? if that’s the case, mine said 0 of 200 waves played and after i played 200 waves it still said 0 but I got the achievement and was able to still claim the skins on the rewards page so it may be the same for you

On your Xbox Achievement Tracker, you wouldn’t be 0 but 50%+.

Same problem on horde “0” XP played 20 waves

Check your achievement progress. My rewards wasn’t giving me credit, but I was able to collect the skins after 200 waves. My rewards still said 0/200 but the “claim reward” button worked. Your achievement progress will give you a % completed and you’ll get the
achievement pop-up when you get to 200.

my situation was the same as mgama rewards page wasnt tracking but the achievement was and allowed me to claim even though my page said 0/200 it’s just an annoying visual bug

mine i just checked still shows 0 of 200 waves but claimed these like day one so just wait until your playing and see the challenge pop on the screen go back to the site press claim as clearly it knows but the red bar and counter of 200 just for whatever reason isn’t working.

After completing 10 waves you get xp and credits and make sure changed your credits