I don’t understand the hatred for control

It’s not too different from Koth. Yeah, the ring is bigger, but that’s about it. And yes, you do have to stay inside it, but it is so large that it encompasses most of the area you would set up around in koth anyway. My only real complaint is that it is 1 round.


Oh man, and you were doing so well.


Yeah it’s one round | 300 points.

Suggestions are
-Best of 3 rounds at lets say 180
-1 Round at 350 / 400


With any change, good or bad, there’s always going to be at least some vocal opposition. That being said, if they rolled out Control a little better with best of 3 and calibrate the numbers so the average game length would be about the same as KOTH (like stated just above) I think it would have made the change more pallatable and whatever may make Control better than KOTH could hopefully shine through rather than everyone being hung up on the specific settings.

Blitz style of ring is what’s makes whole mode quite different than KOTH.

Did you expect him not to though?



I’m not a fan of control but what I find funny is that control is what KOTH is in most other games.


I also like control over KOTH, much better imo.


I wouldn’t say I like control better per se, I just find it and koth more similar than different.

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Me neither.

Can’t coordinate a cross for 3 rounds.

Have to go look for whoever is in the ring.

Can’t control spawns.

Break/Cap registers instantly…

Unless you’re a crosser , control is a breathe of fresh air

Honestly love that it’s 1 round.

I don’t wanna play 1 game for 30- 45 min! That’s insane.


Heck it’s what KOTH was in gears of war 2 while the current KOTH was originally called annex in gears of war 1 and 2 before they changed the names in gears of war 3.

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And better imo

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Way better than KOTH. It feels like theres just more action with the respawns being player based and not wave based… Just wish the ring was turned into an Outlined Area like in Hardpoint. The ring gets in my way sometimes while in fighting.


i dont either. i personally just want the option for both in ranked/competitive since TC is now all about options since the game is on its last legs. why did these options/changes not happen months ago? how does that make any sense? so why not have this option, ya know?

control 4v4 best of 1
koth 5v5 best of 3

if there must only be one ring mode for some strange reason, then i much prefer control 4v4 to the atrocity that was koth 4v4.

i do believe they will generate content like EA Sports does by returning a previously included mode. we will see koth 5v5 soon i think.

whether control is better or not, the feedback asking for koth’s return is overwhelming.

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best of 3 sounds way better.

TC should just put KOTH 5v5 ranked also, i wonder why they not doing so, would we see decline in Control players? hehe, would be good to see.