I don’t have Blood Imago

I just logged in today for the 1st time in awhile an I don’t have the blood moon imago skin . It says we have until operation 1 ends , does anyone know why I don’t have it ?


I think bc it offical ended last week but then they extended it for a week. Maybe there was glitch like that idk. Maybe it doesn’t count for this week since it orginal was supposed to end a week ago. Go to spending more time here post and tell Ryan . I’ll bet he will fix it up, he check atleast once a day all the post

But it says operation 1 still has 5 days ?

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Post is called spending more time here. It’s Ryan he has replied to me that’s your best bet to get it.

I went to it an posted it … but it doesn’t have the “ @ “ in front of it so I don’t think he’ll see it

He will see it. The author of a post usually is notified of any response to it even if not directed at him, unless he has the notification settings changed to only track replies made directly to him.

He will.

If TC was a pile of ■■■■ he would be the one gem in it.

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He made a post yesterday saying he’s not gonna be on the forums for awhile , damn guess I’m not getting the imago

Might be an obvious question, but have you checked under the regular Imago? It appears as a skin variant for the regular Imago.


Yeah an it’s not there

I think Op1 got extended for a 13th week, which is probably the source of the problem, if they didn’t also adjust the entitlement of this skin for a week with it.

Might take a little while for them to get to it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they just give it to you.

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Yea man, you may have just missed it.

Not sure. Maybe it can be fixed for you.

Just take pics in game to validate your claim

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Take pics and show who ? Do I post it in the forums ?

You missed the window bro. They may still give it to you due to the extension, but you had plenty of time to log in and claim it.


You’ve got 3 choices.

1- Post it in @N0DEZER0’s thread and hope he’ll see it and respond.
2- Open up a ticket and hope they’ll respond (they won’t)
3- Tweet it to Octus, he usually responds on Twitter.


Thanks Essence,


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Definitely take pictures though just in case

I don’t have a Twitter

If you missed the window to get it you missed the window dude. The operation was extended by a week but the skin probably wasn’t.

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I too am in the same situation. I received a message from Xbox Live stating the the skin will be available until 12/10. Submitted a ticket yesterday, and apparently the expected response time is at least 3 weeks.