I don’t get snowball fight

does the boomshot have spread damage like an exploding snowball or do you need to hit someone directly with it to get a kill?

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The Area of Effect is tiny and does very little damage. I doubt you get any kills thay aren’t direct hits and even then it has to be waist and above for it to be counted as a “direct hit”. I’ve taken damage which based on the crimson Omen looks like it’s around 50% but I’m not totally sure whether that was splash damage on a wall next to me or perhaps getting hit in the legs.

I noticed yesterday that I did 1% damage before being killed yesterday. That was from hitting a wall next to the target. :wink:

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i’m not enjoying any of the gearsmas modes to be honest

juvies are boring and repetitive

snowball fight is lame just like thanksgibbing

i do like the snow globe skins and the oscar/imago new characters


The thing with Snowball Fight is that it becomes a case of getting very close range and hip firing. It’s a bit Golden Gun esque, but slower projectiles. If have preferred if the AOE damage was increased. Not to the same level as the normal Boomshot, but somewhere in between.

If it is the same as last year then you need to realize than it is not a boomshot but actually a gnasher. Little to nothing in splash damage, easy to avoid if shoot from afar and like Pepper said, a direct hit usually means from the waist up.

But the funny thing is that it is actually a boomshot, shoot too close and the splash damage will kill you.

wasn’t here for gearsmas last year

I do remember playing it before, if it wasn’t on gearsmas then it was on some other event although I highly doubt it. I mean boomshots firing snowballs? sounds like gearsmas to me.

Think of it as a gnasher boomshot😂

I hate it. 100 kills was a chore.

Bring back Golden Gun!

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It’s beyond boring. The second I got 100 kills I left it. I didn’t even finish that match. What a horrible experience.


I did the exact same thing with Golden Gun


I must be the strange one, I don’t like any of the special game modes I’ve seen: osok, torquebow tag, golden gun, snowball, turkeys, etc… I just like the regular game play :wink:

OSOK should be Core at the very least. If Arms Race is ranked (a big joke if you ask me) then OSOK should be because it’s a skill in itself and it’s been in Halo too.

Golden Gun on the other hand, I may be biased because I’m very good with it (like D5 MVP good) that I would want it in Ranked too. No seriously, I’d petition for this for season 6 if it came to that as long as Arms Race is still up there and not in social where it belongs. Golden Gun and OSOK should be in social at the very least where people can have the option to vote for it if they wanted. Just don’t know if TC cares at this point to listen to the community on what we’d want for season 6 or possibly Gears 5 so… 🤷


If there is demand, why not…

Funny thing, I would like arms race if they removed longshot and markza and put in some heavy weapons (tri, buzz, etc). So sure, have osok with longshots, and arms race without longshots :wink:

But seriously osok and golden gun each, I needed about 60seconds to realize those do nothing for me…

I played it last year and liked it but it felt entirely broken yesterday. I’d pop over a cover and just nail someone for 0 damage and be instantly killed in return. I think it may have to do with one guy in the lobby being 800 ping and another topping out at 1100.

You know, I thought about this, then it occurred to me that maybe TC’s reasoning for not adding more game modes would be to split up an already dwindling playerbase (given the game’s age and all) that maybe they could bundle OSOK AND Golden Gun in the same mode. I mean, after all they both are essentially one shot one kill weapons. It’d be fun alternating between both getting some kills and I see no reason why it can’t be in social QP where it can be voted for.

How about it, @the-coalition? Bundle them up and run it together. it’ll be fun for those who enjoy either one, I promise! :smiley:

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yes the classic combination of a sniper and pistol (boltok) would be perfect

This is exactly how it is. Everyone is either trying to body or melee because hit detection is unreliable. It’s fun for a couple matches and then gets grating.

It’s over, it’s finally over…

There was one amusing moment though.

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Funny. But another frustrating reason to get annoyed with gears if being the guy who gets killed (bet we all have been that guy)