I don’t even know why the game ended?

Just looking to see if this has happened to anyone else or if it’s a new bug.

I was playing solo Horde mode and I was on wave 38. Everything had been mostly normal this match, when I was collecting power from a tap and suddenly…I just lost the match?

Like I wasn’t killed or even knocked down, I had a little damage but I was not down. But as I was collecting the energy I suddenly heard the “you lost” match ending music; and then it just faded to black and the game ended.

I don’t understand this. It even showed the ending match status and everyone was still alive and up, but the game just…ended. I was like “Hey no I’m not dead!” Lol.

I wish I had been recording but I never saw it coming. The end result was due to “Defeat” / DNF.

I really think this game just hates me, or I it. Or both.