I do not get the points at the end of the games in control

I have 4 games today 3 in MVP and I do not climb the ranking or I do not get the points Help :frowning:

Its a visual bug. It happens if one or more players in your team leaves, and at the match ending screen, it shows you earned 0 points.
You’ll notice that your score has indeed gone up, if you compare your score to what it was before the match.

This might be due to any one of the two reasons mentioned below:

  • Maybe you are far up ahead in the leaderboard, and the score difference between two successive ranks is huge, so you may have to play multiple matches in order to rank up.

  • Since its a dynamic leaderboard, many others players are playing at the same time. So they might have overtaken you on the leaderboards meanwhile.

If nothing else works, and this problem still persists, perhaps submitting a support ticket is the best option.