I didn't recieve my in store purchase?!?

So I purchased the inside out cog character for $8.00…….and its not showing in my inventory. When I go back to the store, it says I own the skin. Lol, WTF.

Did you unlock the CoG Gear? If yes, it’s a skin for that character, so change it. If not, you’ll have to unlock him by either grinding his totem or paying the 500iron.


That’s sort of what I was wondering? So, I have to buy it, then grind to unlock it lol?

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Well. I think they assumed most people wouldn’t buy it unless they had already grinders for it

ummm huh? The point of buying was to avoid grinding lol…

You didn’t buy the character, you bought a skin for the character. You can still buy the character if you don’t want to grind.

yeppers….youre exactly correct lol. I purchased the $5.00 Cog pack and I received my skin…I still feel sad lol.