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I didn't receive my overkill syndrome skin


Hi guys yesterday I reclaim my overkill syndrome skin and never get it on the game I just got the lancer retro skin it happens the same to my friend. What can I do? Sorry for my English my Gt is La santa mu3rte

(DarkChaoz95) #2

It was phantom overkill skin that’s been given out not syndrome .

Either way, if you and your friend completed the quest requirement for the phantom overkill skin and tried to claim then make sure you and your friend post in the Missing Gears Esports Skin’s thread with what skin your missing and make sure to read the information in the first post.

However, before you do that, just wait few days to see if your skin arrives since it can take a while for them to process skin entitlements.

(Belkain) #3

I’d be surprised if you did since they haven’t released it yet. You might check to see if you got the Phantom Overkill that was up for grabs yesterday. The only syndrome skin yesterday was the retrolancer.

(AmazingP3nguin) #4

This skin was the phantom overkill, not the syndrome.

(DarkChaoz95) #5

He probably got confused what skin was given out, either way he probably didn’t receive the phantom skin which is why he asking for help I assume


You are all right guys it was my mistake I thought it was two syndrome skins. I feel like a really idiot for post this. I really appreciate your time and your help have a good day everybody and sorry again. Thanks for the support.

(NL Grexoz) closed #7