I didn't receive double stars for a tour medal earned during the double star boost

Just got my 100th breaker mace kill in this recent game with groundbreaking satisfaction only to discover that I didnt receive my double star bonus :(… Typical gears to make you feel good immediately followed by utter disappointment and indignation! #sourpatchgears

Double is daily only.


Yes, Gears of War has been doing that for years. Granted, this game has taken it to a whole new level.

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Thanks I thought that might be it as well. However on a previous double star event I did receive double stars for a tour of duty medal I earned. Also the verbiage on the website only says “tour stars” which in this case is very misleading. Even more so because literally the 1st weekend on this event roll out I 100% for sure received double stars for a tour medal earned as you should based on what they provide as details on the website! So although I believe you are correct the developers or producers of both the event itself and the content put into website need to get their ■■■■ together.

The wordage is stars and not medals. However I can see how that would be misleading.

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Does achieving a medal not produce stars??? Also the other things which are “objectives” also produce said stars… If stars are what is being doubled then it’s any star achieved in any manner correct? Unless specified otherwise which in this case it is not