I didnt get Rockstar Items

I play on PC, I got gears from steam and I connected my xbox live account to gears 5 on steam.

I redeemed a code about 30 minutes ago from the rockstar energy drink. It said it was legitimate and that it was an actual code etc etc. so I pressed redeem. I logged off of Gears 5 (basically off and then back on) and when I hopped back on I checked around and I do not own anything new from the rockstar code.

How long do I have to wait?
Am I bugged?
Or Do I Just not see it on Steam?

I believe this isn’t an isolated issue; if you search “steam” on the forums you’ll see several instances were people are redeeming skin codes on their Microsoft accounts and not receiving it on the Steam version of the game. I’m having the same issue with the Ice Kait Skin. I submitted a support ticket around a week ago and still haven’t received any help; hopefully they fix this issue soon.

redeemed a rockstar code about a half hour ago, same problem. code doesnt seem to be linking to steam version. would like an explanation.

I figured out the problem YOU NEED AND XBOX. Yeah, you need gamepass (2 dollars) and you need to install gears 5, THEN you need to play geard 5 on the xbox version. Just boot up go to the main menu (where you can choose gamemodes) and go to customizations. It should all be there if you redeemed codes via microsoft. When you log back onto your PC in the steam version it should be there. (Thats how it worked for me)