I didn't get my emblem for the archivement seriously 4.0

I don’t have the emblem and I finished the requirements in 5/09/2017

What shoul I do about it?

So almost two years later, you are posting this here, now? Go to Twitter instead. You won’t get an answer from TC here.

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My thoughts exactly, clearly not a huge priority.

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Probably do nothing. It’s been 18-odd months.

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Wait there’s an emblem for it?


What does it look like because I never got it since I already have the achievement.

Doesn’t answer my question on what it looks like.

I don’t mean to be rude but @DAVID_THE_CLOWN gave you a great answer, a post where everything is explained.

What does it look like? I searched in google images and this one is the very first that showed up;


A little “thank you” to people helping you (or at least trying to) isn’t that hard.


Don’t worry about him. He is a troll

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The picture is inside the link I sent you…


Didn’t notice the link my bad sheesh :unamused:

Yeah I noticed it now, nevermind what I said earlier.

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It was only available in this first year. Your achievements are time stamped so if you get it year one then it should be an easy deploy.

Done. Already neverminded

You can ask @GRANT_C0RE how he got his :rofl:
He got the emblem from TC too,