I didn't expect the event to release already

Not bad at all.

Map weapons are missing.

Lizzie calls out Palacue Guards and refers to the Locust as “Grubs” on kill.

Dom is similar.

Anthony, and probably Benjamin, do not have any lines for them, even though they can be pulled from the older games. They’ll just have enough callouts for enemies like Drones, Grenadiers, and Snipers.

Locust will cut you off if you try to save your team. They’ll block your path.

RAAM is the 3rd boss. He uses a Mulcher.

Skorge is the 4th Boss. He uses a Breaker Mace.

Myrrah is the final boss. She uses a Boltok, can roll like 10 feet, and can go DBNO. The other Locust will probably do a lot more of the damage, though.

Incernerating Lambent stops explosions.


This event is awesome!
When I saw a giant Raam walking towards me my adrenaline was killing me hahah, I’m enjoying it so much


I sprained my ankle trying to decipher that, can you try asking again bro? Are you asking how long this event is lasting?