I’d like to apologize to…

…all the players who randomly joined my Escape lobby for the End last night.
I wasn’t in the best of moods and didn’t have patience.

If you were the ones who joined and got kicked, please don’t feel bad. I’ve been kicking people left and right.

Main reason - my BM needed a little bit of venom and players rushing to activate all possible vents on that map made me see red.
I failed 5 games out of 7….So please forgive my crankiness. Not joking. I usually don’t kick players but last night 5 failures in a row didn’t improve my mood.

So if you see me hosting a lobby, don’t leave and stay.

Special thanks to @SMARTAN_427 and a random player Bossalini ( don’t remember the actual GT) for joining me today and bringing joy in my life again :laughing:


Frankly if people are just activating the fans, it’s worthy of a kick in my book.

For me on The End, you gotta leave the fans for the venom-based classes to decide on whether to use or not. If you don’t need venom, then keep your nose out.


I agree but usually if people activate the vents I let it slide because my time will come anyway.
Problem is people rushing, getting down and expecting me to do something but BM is very vulnerable out of venom esp with all those drones and/ or Stumps.

Anyway, I didn’t have patience last night and I’ve been so bad to other players…

That can be an infuriating Hive because it requires some co-ordination and teamwork. Both of which are very rare to come by with randoms, who normally have their own quiet agendas and ignore logic.

In other words, I could put money down that all those kicks were justified. I just hope the lobby door violently smacked their :peach: on the way out.

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:joy: :joy::joy:

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Randoms will really change a person. Lol


Yes, this is what I intend to tell the judge when I’m sentenced.


Well, yes and no. Most non-venom-based players don’t tend to wait. They just go about the hive at a pace which suits them and it can put the team in a difficult position. Hypothetically on The End it’s easy for two non-venom-based players to take the fight to the enemy and be far ahead of the venom; and the third player is a venom-based player who hangs back and is unable to help the other two. The other two die, and leaves the third player by themselves. It puts the team under unnecessary pressure.

Whereas if they, as a team, approach it sensibly, can take the fight to the enemy as a 3-person team together where they can help each other.

It should be a common-sense thing for players to pick up on after a few goes on The End. Fair enough I wouldn’t expect newbies to twig straight away, but the initial venom bomb timer is massive compared to other hives. The description of the hive gives a hint as to how it’s structured; and once you get to explore the hive you’ll quickly know that the 3 corridors are deadends and are solely for the purpose of gathering weapons and ammo (plus a fan at the end of each one) - and not all of the corridors are needed depending on classes. So this can cause a big variation in where the venom is by the time you enter the last chamber.

It’s general short-sightedness. Same as in Horde sometimes, you get some players who do things which are detrimental to their team mates because of lack of awareness. We often say that a good engineer is one who understands the needs of other class, but I think this is easily expanded to good players generally - a good player is one who understands the needs and abilities of their team mates.


If you are hosting a lobby that requires communication, it would be beneficial to require mics or at least in game chat.

Hosts that expect mind readers will find themselves disappointed more often than not.

Sure there are some things in game that should be more obvious than others (dos and do nots).

Maybe put in the title “don’t activate fans”.

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Pepper, you are the voice of reason :slight_smile:
And I agree 100% with you.

I came to realize that the majority of players don’t know how to play in a team. Escape is exactly the mode where teamwork makes the dream work.
Too many inexperienced, new or selfish players out there :frowning:

The games been out for over 2 years though. There are 3 easily recognizable classes that benefit from venom. It should be common knowledge at this point to let those players control whether or not the fan’s should be activated and when they should be activated.

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Yeah… I’ve tried that before… the results were mixed. :smiley:

I did multiple times.
I asked not to activate the vents.

Did as much as standing next to the vent and shooting away and shaking my controller left and right for “ no”.

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Then don’t apologize.

If directions are clear, they get what they get.

Some of the Gears 4 speed runs were easy enough even with bad randoms. Some were meticulous about positions and timing. I hate kicking people, but you can’t run a meticulous run with people who won’t listen.

Wouldn’t feel bad at all then.

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My conscience wouldn’t let me rest lol
I didn’t give the players a chance, maybe we would’ve finished. Who knows. I kicked as soon as I saw them going for the vent.


I’ve done exactly the same and my conscience felt nothing. Maybe I’m just a sociopath or something…


Hey, nothing wrong with that.

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While I would agree, I personally haven’t played much escape. Mainly horde and versus.

There are several escape maps I’ve never tried. Just can’t get into the mode.

I do think that escape elitism is a real thing though. Especially on the forums. Not sure how it plays out in game each night.

If people trying to learn find themselves failing or getting kicked without understanding why, the mode will die.

I think to your point, we have 3 types of players at this point.

1). Hardcore Gears
2). Newbie’s trying it for free
3). People who should be doing something besides gaming


Everyone has one of those days mate no worrys

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I had mastered every hive, but still I get lost in some of them.

I can’t remember every hive because they are the same tiles, so I can’t remember every enemy spawn, supply room and weapons that appears on a specific hive.

So I try to not kick players that play worse than me, I wrote in-game chat about what they can do (or don’t) and that X weapon is better suited to X class. If they didn’t read or if they don’t want to do the right thing, I kick them

Now if I’m playing The Clock for cards, and saw a speedrunner, I wrote that my lobby isn’t for SR. If they do it again, I kick them.