I completed a Hive on master difficulty but it didn't count

As the title says, i, and my friends, completed a hive on master difficulty, the map was The Mines, we’ve done it with a time of -26:42 , but when we checked the leaderboard, we had our old time and the Escape Master I medal didn’t count it at all, so after that error, what did we do? We did it again, worst time, didn’t care that much -21 and something, but the leaderboard was the same and, again, it didn’t count for the medal. Has anyone had suffered the same thing, or we are the luckiest guys on Escape mode?

Join the club…

I normally play all the games on Insane after an initial runthrough. I didn’t even get is for Normal so I’m not gonna waste my time on harder difficulties if it doesn’t count.


Mines doesn’t count for x/10 it’s a launch map, times update over time sometimes.


I can confirm this.

Ditto. I mean, I have the achievement Bring A Knife to a Gunfight (get through a Master Escape Hive without firing a bullet) but didn’t get any progress toward this medal.

Man, I had the same issue with Horde.

I’ve Completed a 5 hours straight match in Asylum, Master difficulty, and the score wasn’t registered in the score leaderboards. The irony is that the same score was counted successfully for a friend of mine who was participating in the same match.

Nothing we can do except avoiding higher difficulties.



I have a weird situation where I’ve completed Master on several maps and the Horde stats page shows contradictory information.

For example where I’ve completed 8 maps on Master, it will only show 5/11 Mastered, but if I look at the Maps screen it will show 8 maps ticked on Master difficulty.



8 maps masted? Dude, you’re a beast :smile:

I’m thinking, some of these may be caused by having disconnected from the game and rejoining, but having missed a wave as a result? Maybe one stat records completion of wave 50 and the other records completing 50 consecutive waves?

I can’t remember the precise number I’ve mastered. 8 is just an example I used for my stats irregularity, but I’ve done at least 5 I think.


Here’s the images. I’ve completed Master on 5 maps, but it only records 4/12 under “maps mastered”.

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I highly think that’s the case, as it was the same in Gears 4. In Gears 4, the workaround was if host invited back the guest and team revived him before next wave starts…

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Which Map did you beat this on? The Mines or The Surge? I’ve beaten both Maps without firing a shot. The Mines wouldn’t count towards 10 Challenge Hives. The Surge would. But if you beaten The Surge on Master already, then beating it again without firing a shot wouldn’t add another progression to Medal.


The Challenges Hives that count are:

  1. The Hive
  2. The Hunters
  3. The Surge
  4. The Wanderer
  5. Venom Run
  6. The Labyrinth

I also currently have 6/10 progress for this Medal.

The Launch Maps were The Hive, Gauntlet, The Mines and Descent.


It was The Surge. I went in with two friends and we just ran through the whole thing, and when we got to the end we just used melee attacks. We all got the achievement, and my friends got progress toward both their medals, but I didn’t.

Then that’s pretty odd. It shouldn’t have happened. Must’ve been bugged.

I had a friend who we did Master Gauntlet with. He had already beaten Master. But after we beat Master again, the box ticked off Master from his stats. Like he hadn’t beaten it at all. Another bug,

Thanks for the info, now i can ignore the Gauntlet and the Descent