I complain about ranked every night, but look at this

I feel like I should complain about ranked with match making like this…

Like WTF?

Little blurry but I guess its something that should be resolved. Look complaining a lot, as much as you think it’s helping it really doesn’t. Just wait for a fix to be dropped for ranked it’ll happen eventually

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Oh that. Yeah that is actually what you will expect in ranked matches and from the forum community to not notice the problem of bull ■■■■ Matchmaking, but this looks like a rare occurrence of just having bad luck along with it. Unfortunately this is considered normal by alot of people here since they outrank everyone else (and are proud of it) to which i say once again ITS NOT WORTH IT.

But im sure everyone has their reason for satisfaction, even if its high standard with no actual reward. Just try again and hopefully it goes…ah screw it. Just call it quits for today.

Yes moderator

That isnt a moderator.

Nor is the user pretending to be one.

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Very much so a moderator, this game is basically a mafia

You should have some cheese. It makes everything better.


Making match making fair, should be a goal of everyone. Except a moderator like you.

I mean i understand the fustration you are feeling but that’s not exactly anyone’s fault. It literally is bad luck.

Also don’t vent your frustration in a targeting manner, don’t want you to make a fool of yourself over one thing such as a bad match from everything else. Just call it quits on ranking for today and you will feel better.

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So because gears of war is horrible at match making in ranked, I should not play another ranked match? Moderator?

1st- This is Gears 5 and not GOW
2nd- All Modes are broken not just the ranked.
3rd- Dont take your frustration out on other people. We are all in the same boat when it comes to this game.


So you admit to being a moderator and u admit this game is not fair…

I am genuinely confused on if this man is serious or not. You know the Mods have the title “Moderator” under their name right? I am the only one seeing this??


I can clarify for you…

You are paid by the game to make me a subscriber look bad, and to dispute all my statements.

A moderator…

Except ur not that good at ur job.

Boy don’t make me slap the ■■■■ out of you!

This game is completely not fair at all, im NOT a moderator, and for today yes, call it quits because you’ll only be disappointed The more you play.

This is why i don’t play ranked so i don’t become a big. crybaby when i finally get a challenge and because the idea of ranking is an obvious ploy to set artificial standards into a game for its players to have a reason to play it beyond The life expectancy Of the players own attentional span of irregulated serenity.


Yes speak like this because u dont want the gears community to know u are a moderator. Evidence, I get blocked every word I write


Lol the nutbag has gone insane because of me trying to calm him down.
Do whatever you want then, but do know that above anything i just joined the community a few months ago. If i do this to you then the true veterans would make you… A juvie!


Wow, gears should have found someone smarter then u

That depends because i do have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, but at the same time its a whole different field of study from everything else related to how the process of gears is maintained.

Now please let me grow my tomatoes in peace or ill Marcus your ■■■ in a duel!