I can't quote TC Sera's posts

Edit: Maybe “One week” written in bold font is the problem

Edit 2: Video as an example

This is the 2nd time that I wanted to quote TC Sera’s TWIG post (“This event will run for one week” line).
Last TWIG was the same, but I though that the problem was my mobile.

If I try to quote that line, I can quote only “This event will run for”, after that the quote pop-up just dissapears.

For example, TC Sera wrote this:

"A new event in this Operation, this is all focused-on Control, with the following loadout in play. Shotgun, Snub, Grenades (SSG).

We very much look forward to seeing how these matches go as we know that dedicated communities have run their own matches with these settings.

This event will run for one week."

I can quote only the 1st or the 2nd paragraph, not both of them,

I don’t have any problem quoting other users,

Probably to keep everything in regards to the TWIG in one post.
And also so that there’s no sub-threads and discussions that can/should be in the TWIG (master thread)

Yeah. Anything with * in it ■■■■■ with quoting. Same with @ s.

This is done with ** _ ** and this with * _ *


This happens to me a lot on various different posts.

One way you can get around it is pressing the speech bubble (I don’t know what its actually called, pls help lol) on the far left, if you hover over it on desktop you’ll see “Quote whole post”.

Then from there you can delete the parts you don’t want to quote.


I’m able to quote her with no issues:

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I randomly have issues quoting people, not any 1 person in particular. Sometimes I can quote 3-4 sentences without issue. Other times I can’t even quote a whole sentence.

But I’ve found I can start a quote, then copy & paste the content I’m trying to quote.