I cant message a moderator?

I’m trying to report a hacker by messaging a moderator but when I try to message I cant? So can A moderator message me so I can reply to him?

And when I try reporting via website it keeps saying ‘The upload took too long, connection was lost’ but connection was never lost :confused:

Please moderator message me?


I have just tested the link and it works fine for me, not sure why it isn’t for you.

Perhaps try uploading to youtube (if video) and link that?


This is the way to report hackers. Messaging a moderator about it won’t help as we are community volunteers, we don’t actually work for TC, and this is the way TC wants hackers reported.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the response you are hoping for, but I have no way of investigating or banning hackers personally

Okay thanks,
I will upload a youtube video and report it like that!

Thank you

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No worries, hope it works for you this time :slight_smile:

I cant massage a moderator? :wink:

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I already have a massage chair and massage gun, but I can place you on a waitlist in case they both break.

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Okay I’ve done it :smiley:

Will I get updates on whether the hacker is banned?

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TC won’t inform you when action is taken, they have a policy to not do so. I can safely say people do get banned though, as I have seen on both here and social media people people complain about being banned, and have also seen the evidence on social media of them either hacking or using hate speech.

I remember once someone came on here and posted about a hacker with video proof and one of the TC guys came in the thread and replied with “Taken care of :)”

Hope to see more interactions in the future for the next title, that was quite nice. Similar to Michael talking on the forums about Horde.

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To add some context to that you might not realise:

That was despite everything we got told by TC and was against their own policies. It is a bit frustrating to be told to direct people a certain way and that it must be done that way and have a CM ignore that, as it means we as mods will have to face backlash for enforcing TC’s own rules and users will point to TC themselves breaking it.

After that single post I have had a lot more people want to argue that they can and will just post about hackers and use that CM’s post to justify it. Ends up being more frustrating for me having to argue and then it takes longer for the hacker to be banned.

…with all that being said but I know who you are referring to and the CM was genuinely only trying to help, and the positive part was that community members did get to see the outcome.

That was awesome. He was incredibly helpful and honest about what he could and couldn’t do and the challenges he faced.


Asking for a friend…

Where does one sign up to be a forum moderator ?
And Is it based on time spent on the forums ?

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In my case TC put out a call in early 2016 asking for applications, but some have been appointed by CM’s just making picks. I can’t imagine the forums will get much attention until much closer to a major release and TC hires more CM’s.

Not at all.

Essentially it’s based on people that will help TC manage the forums effectively, prior time spent here isn’t really much of a factor

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