I can't even have fun on ranked

Nothing but master lobbies. I only win if I get a team of masters who carry but mostly I just get ■■■■ on. I dont think I’m bad at the game but I’m no master.

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No sbmm brotha

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Unfortunately we have gone backwards regarding the ranking system. We are back to the way it was in operations 1 through 3 where the system adds up total team points then matches it against total team points to find a match.

This means that low level players get put with high level players just to decrease wait times. This system is a joke.

Just put it back to the GP system and leave it alone TC. It might not have been perfect but it was way better than this junk system that we had in the beginning.

Bronze plus gold plus onyx plus masterto make a team just doesn’t work.


So it’s just really bad

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Can’t have fun in Ranked because Ranked doesn’t exist :slightly_smiling_face:


everyone’s MMR has been reset. and it’s always been bad :smile:

im guessing on this one because TC hasn’t said a word about this since the @TC_Shauny tweet. The Blog mentioned everyone “is starting from scratch” so I just assumed it’s talking about the MMR for everyone


Ranked is quickplay now no difference. Every team is a mystery team no tiers :frowning: borrrring.


eUnited were running full stack Control last night
I imagine that would be fun :slight_smile:

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never heard of them, the Forum Clan can take them I’m sure


Master means nothing.
You could get it in a day when they had that ranking system.
You just have to play with some friends don’t play solo

Played 3 games of competitive control last night, 2 games against full stacks, LOVED it

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The GP system was terrible you shouldn’t be able to get Master in a day.
Most people that got Masters quit playing including me this leaderboard although buggy gets people playing.

I played a few ranked games last night, only to have one person quit and another just walk around and around in circles… luckily the other team let me ball get some xp points as it really was poor sportsmanship… never had so many loses until this update but thanks for this post/the replies as now I know why so many gamers are not walking or not even bothering!!! Cheers :beers:

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Tbh it always seems to be putting me against masters 4 stacks so I cant say anything has changed :joy:

i have played nothing but boring games. i dont even believe in this hidden sbmm being enforced. what im hearing is that people think once more people play and settle into the leaderboards that the matchmaking will work with that. i doubt it. it’s just glorified social.

@Knockout2487 that has been my experience so far. utterly freaking boring. all i see are people excited to play like zombies and see their place on the leaderboard.

i ask them, “but have you played entertaining matches?”

they answer, “well, no but im climbing the leaderboards”


So do we wait, and it starts to properly work as in matching players exactly or at least close to skill or is stuck like this? I am not going in if it’s going to be master level players nearly every match lol.

If it’s anything like OP 1 through 3 then it will be a bunch of random ranks vs a bunch of random ranks. The GP system had flaws yes bit at least we did not have bronze vs masters and diamonds with the GP system.

Most fun I’ve had in ranked in this game lmao.


Well s**t! I have no problem coming against better players, but there are those who play this game and I honestly have no business going up against or playing with.

Honestly I liked the system because at least I was separated by rank and only a few times came across master level players ranking up but now if its random choice I really don’t wanna play lol.