I cant connect to the Gears Of War Services

I have this error 0x00000c1d
I restarted the console, unistalled the game but the error still, wanna cry


I don’t think uninstalling the game was the right move, when that happens just go wait because some dude probably spilled chipotle mayo on the server rack

Its a blessing in disguise you wouldnt want to play it right now its worse then ever


I was about to say that hahahaha :smile:


I have been like this for 2 days with the same error, I cannot connect. That waiting would be so long.
I just wanna get mad at the game XD
Any solution?

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Write a ticket to TC

I have the same problem since two days too, I was playing a match when the conexion lost, after that I could not conect to the server anymore, I even unistalled the game twice unsuccessfully. I found almost the same problem on Gears 4 but there the code was 0x00000d1c not “c1d” and I tryed to make all the solutions of G4, no one worked. According Gears 4 this happen because you close wrong the game for get out of the matches generating an error with you account on the cloud, I don’t know if this it’s the same in Gears 5. I already wrote to TC about the problem and recived an e-mail where it said thet they will have an answer in 14 days. I recomed you to do they same. Sorry if I have a broken English but I’m from mexico and I don’t speak English very well I really hope may play soon.

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Mod edit: Please post in English only as per the forum rules.

inb4 ghost locks this thread

I did not know about the rules, but we did not do nothing to you for wanted to lock this “thread”. You only wanted to f*ck up us because we were speaking in spanish, That’s racist. And if speak spanish offended you well sorry. Other thing would have been that you tell us “can’t write un spanish”, We only want yo resolve a problem that we have. Any way thanks for nothing.

Chill bro

Sincerely, I only installed the game yesterday and it gave me the error 0x00000c1d. I have not found a way to solve it and sincerely uninstall the game to check if it was installed incorrectly. It is possible to connect to the gears of war servers and then I do want to play the game some solution to solve that error :frowning:(

I wanna solution. I have 1 week without playing.

Did any of you Guys get this fixed or gotten a reply from TC? I have this problem now and dont know what to do! I tried al troubleshooting and mailed the devs but it takes 2 weeks for them too reply!

Did you get your ticket answered and get this sorted mate? I have the exact same problem since yesterday and it’s making me crazy! Please help! I wrote a ticket but it takes two weeks?!

ME to recently its my 5 day with thi error

Still nothing…I’ve had this error for 4 days or so now… Nothing no response or anything from the developers. I can only play on my guest account.It’s driving me crazy! Really scandalous that this happens to numerous people and we don’t get any answer…I want this fixed asap i want to level my tour of duty again! :frowning:

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A friend of mine has the same Problem any Solution would be highly appreciated.

Hey, all. If you’re encountering this, could you attempt to play on a Guest account and see if that helps? We’ll also need anyone who hasn’t reached out already to send a message through support.gearsofwar.com.

We have a few reports, including from a few players in the forums, but the more information and accounts that we can give to the devs the faster we can pinpoint a cause and get everyone back up. DM me your ticket numbers when you submit. Cheers.