I can't buy iron

I can still buy many thing with the iron i get from tour or gears coin but can’t used money to buy iron, i always see the message " purchase canceled… ‘0x00001fd9’ " . i sent a ticket to support but dun see respond. Does anyone know of any other way to buy iron besides buying ingame? A certain reputable website that sells iron for example? :slightly_frowning_face:

Search for Gears 5 and you can buy iron as an add-on.

i buy game on steam… can i still buy iron on micro store?? :open_mouth:
and… i dun live in US, but i can’t change the “country” when i buy on store… so it always “error” because of city and zip code are not at US :frowning:

Hmm that’s a good question. Technically it should be fine since you need a microsoft account to log in to Gears even with steam but then again, I’ve read many reports of steam users having problems claiming items.

It’s up to you, there is no other way to buy iron.

Edit: if you have an US account but don’t live there then you won’t be able to buy it. The system will give you an error and force you to change your location.

Panasonic is my recommended brand, and I’ve never has a problem buying through Lowe’s (though Costco has a better return policy if you are a member).


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Yesterday I could buy Iron from Windows Store, but not from the game.

Not even the store is working now? Jeez.

i tried it but… "www.lowes.com takes too long to respond… " can load the website… :(((

Do you have access to a physical retail location?

can you be more specific? Sorry my English is quite bad, sometimes there are some words I don’t know how to understand correctly. :frowning: =.=

Your link refers to a Boost purchase issue, not Iron purchases.

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