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I cant be bothered anymore

(lukebazz91) #1

Game 1 stuck playing with 2 sets of doubles in parties together making moves and pushing without me knowing what the plan is due to them being in a party all the while playing a 5 stack, also one of them spent the first half of round one sitting in spawn.

Game 2 random moments of 600 ping throwing me off and lagging, getting me killed or unable to move/predict opponents, player leaves and another player spends the entire last round sitting at spawn.

Game 3 stuck with bad players that when watching them die is like watching an enemy bot getting killed on easy in the campaign.

I know it gets thrown around a lot but I’m not getting 5, watching the cutscenes on youtube for the story is as far as it goes for me.

I don’t know why they couldn’t just put koth in the comp playlist where it belongs and cater to the right people.

A little extra, have not played for a few weeks, jumped on last night and what happens in the first game? Third round a few points left until the end of the match and i lag out.

(GB6 Kazuya) #2


(lukebazz91) #3

I think core caters to lancering and holding positions/shutting people out

Comp is catered towards gnasher/ rushing and outplaying not out manning.

There is room for debate on a middle ground and I’m not entirely knocking the core tuning for its focus on shutting people out but its goes too far and needs toning down, obviously this would have been a smart decision on release not worthy of implementing now. But that, the connection and the annoying pocket of matchmaking i feel i have been trapped in for a year is enough for me to walk away.

(GB6 Kazuya) #4

Fair enough, in your opinion…

I disagree, but I’m not getting into the whole Core Vs Comp debate. It’s been done too many times, your opinion is it’s own…

…albeit wrong…

(Drinkands im) #5

I mean isnt holding the cap the entire point of KOTH? I kind of dont understand what you expect of the mode. Lancers are still not as important as power weapon control. I dont see competitive tuning changing that. With Competitive tuning the Gnasher is even weaker and does damage at a smaller distance.

(Krylon Blue) #6

I don’t think you’ve played much Competitive at the higher tiers. It’s all about crossing with Rifles.

(Guerrero Ultimo) #7

I love Gears but not getting 5. I mean, I am playing on GP but would not buy otherwise. I purchased copies of Gears 1-4, talking 5+ each time for friends and family in total. No way this time. Not after this. I get what you are saying with your complaints as well.

The big problem for me is spawns. We will be winning and kill some players only to have them spawn directly on us. One player in particular. And the stupid normal ping that jumps to way high when in combat.

Plus, you get these people that wall bounce. Cool and all but where tf is the wall. They slide right in the open without moving their feet. Hit a guy directly with a boomshot and because of this the shot does NOTHING. You can see the hit and all that. Plus, another one we recorded there was 3 of us shooting the one player. Just sliding with speed in a straight line. And gets to us and kills all three faster than the gnasher actually loads a shot. So you get people on our team just sliding around like that and you see these people just flailing those shots until someone wins.