I cannot stress this enough: playing with 100+ ping makes you a God in this game

I know from experience. I play on wired connection and typically have between 15-30 ping. I know for a fact that this puts me at a massive disadvantage in Gears 5 because a few weeks ago I moved and was playing on a spotty wi-fi connection for about a week. I had around 100 ping in every game.

This week was the best week of Gears 5 I’ve had to date. I felt like I had been buffed in every way. People couldn’t react to my Up A’s quick enough so I never got punished for using them. It felt like I had like half a second longer to react in any given situation. I felt like I could play so much more slowly and calmly with the gnasher and not rush to get my shot off before the other person within gib range.

TC I cannot stress this enough: the net code is and will always be the single biggest issue with Gears 5 until it is fixed. Playing on low ping literally feels like a handicap in this game. It causes crazy inconsistencies with the Gib range and makes shotgun fights completely and utterly random if you’re fighting within chunk range. I know TC has acknowledged inconsistencies with the gib range and is working on a fix, but even that will not make this game a consistent experience. It’s the net code that’s the issue. I really have trouble finding the desire to boot this game up because I feel like I’m just getting ripped off all the time when I play it.


A God?

Your definition of “God” seriously differs from mine.

I understand your point but playing with 100 ping is also horrible or at least in my case it is constantly my shots stay halfway or what is worse they impact but do not do any damage add to that that my bullets take much longer to impact and they are constantly killing me (from my view) totally out of shooting range another case would be to play with ping above 160+ and there is if I totally agree that you have an advantage because I have experienced it and it is better to play with ping of 160 than with ping of 100 all this based on my gaming experience

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I play on the UK servers & they say I’m tampering with my ping & are gonna report me. LOL.

I always play good so I don’t really know. But it does feel like I soak better when I’m on UK servers.

You aren’t lying, but its not a perfect aimbot either

I used netem earlier to force an automatic 100ms latency on the interface my xbox was connected to, and it was a mixed bag.
I went into arcade to test, as thats the best “feck around” gametype.
On one hand, I was given headshots I should have missed, particularly with lancers. On the other hand, I saw all the old “wall stickiness” issues players complained about in the past.

I suppose in the hands of a really good player latency would give a distinct advantage, provided you could get over the oddities it imposes on the game. But its not going to make a scrub a god

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