I cannot rev up lancer with secondary reload anymore

I play on pc and I set up the side button on my mouse to rev up the chainsaw and reload with. Now it only reloads but doesn’t allow me to lancer chainsaw. Anyone else having this problem?

Yes, quite a number of people have reported this issue since OP3.

The crazy thing is that it’s even been messed up on console now (since OP 3). I cannot tell you the amount of times I have jammed either my Lancer or Retro when trying to rev or charge with them.

Also, perhaps unrelated and perhaps a hardware issue (my controller), I have noticed that I will start to reload my Gnasher in the middle of a fight even when I have 1-6 bullets left in the chamber. It’s like I go to shoot and see my guy reloading instead.

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This happens more often if your shoulder buttons are going (ie the insert breaking).
My LB does something similar currently.

Yup, highly annoying, especially if you come out of roadie run and hold the chainsaw button before you stop running.

But that is a whole issue that I have with Gears 5 in general regarding the pre-holding of buttons. This is the main reason why I end up kicking people instead of executing them even though I’m holding the button and not tapping it.

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