I can’t recomend this game to friends

Straight to the point. When people ask me if they should get this game (Old gears player and new players) I always say “it’s a good game but the game will make you cry if you’re a old gears fan”. I grinded to Onyx 2 before the ranks got reset half season due to issues, underwhelming rewards for gameplay, the store, and a choice in story that I don’t think should of been the players to make.

Gears 5 has a really good story and I really like the characters but the choice i really hope doesn’t come back in 6 to be irrelevant. I can’t complain much there I really enjoyed it.

Escape is a hidden hem in this game. Play a quick game to escape a hive while it’s being infective and strategizing how to escape effectively I really like. Teamwork is key and in a team based game I’m happy you need it to win. My only real gripe is new players will have to grind to get their characters able to play master and it’s hard to expect that from people, especially when my characters maxed out everything and my buddy is a level 1.

Horde is very long but I think it’s a step in the right direction with classes. Know your role and do your part to survive the waves of enemies. Whenever a team based game requires teamwork I really like it. One big issue is some characters have a massive role and others just fill in a slot. Marcus is the main character yet he is outclassed by his son and jack on their usefulness in the match. Horde is too long for me but I really like the mode and I can respect the horde community after playing some master runs and really seeing the communication they need to survive all 50 waves.

Gears is a very aggressive game with very competitive people so when I see someone with a “paid” skin I automatically think “he paid no skilled whale” vs someone with a Master or Diamond skin and respecting that person for the grind. Prices and ethics are a whole issue alltogether but I never associated Gears with greed until 5. I didn’t get Marvel vs Capcom Infinite because the 2 characters I wanted (Venom and Sigma) we’re both DLC and I refuse to give a penny to that crap. I bought all the CODs until BO3 for similar issues so I have no problem dropping a franchise because they need to be reminded to be ethical instead of just doing it. I’m not a fan of the store at all if it’s not obvious.

I say all this to say that I literally play all modes of this game and find enjoyment in all of it but from a ethical side I cannot give my friends the green light to get this game. Everyone has a right to spend their money as they choose so this isn’t to condem or judge anyone. I’m the type of person who respects what you earned, not what you paid for. Hopefully gears 6 is a game I can vouch for because ethically I can’t tell people to grab this game and it’s a shame because I really do like it.


I have some friends here like @TubbieSquirrels which has millions and billions of dollars and spend a lot of cash onto games… and doesnt mean he doesnt play good or has a genuine passion for Gears of War.

I respect him even though he has millions of dollars… he has the best of both worlds. money and skill.


It’s wrong to judge people just because they have/don’t have money or anything of that nature. Ranked skins are only obtainable through earning them so I respect them where as paid skins show no skills so they don’t get any from me.

Kinda weird how u tag ur friend and say he has a lot of money, like that’s suppose to mean something. Things like this annoys me. He could be a great person but you only tagged him because he has a lot of money. This issue can apply to someone who has a little extra money to spend, not just ur billionaire friend. I could care less about his money, if he’s a stand up guy that gives respect to others then he deserves all the respect in the world. You could provin your point (and u did) without having to pander to the rich guy

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Ready everyone…

Daniels about to dig himself a bigger hole :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Having money means something, I’m happy for him that he has billions and billions of dollars. :slight_smile: I wish I could be like him.

I tagged him because he’s my friend… I don’t see the problem with that.

I didn’t pand anything… I just applaud that he is rich, and has skills :slight_smile: having the best of both worlds its awesome .

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Don’t mind Daniel. He’s a nice guy and tags everyone.
Also, @III_EnVii_III is the one with big money around here


thanks Dave @TC_Clown most kind.

yeah @III_EnVii_III that’s another person who I deeply respect also :slightly_smiling_face: a very nice person.



The earned characters show no skill,

Just an ability to grind for them.

The Diamond / Masters Skins, maybe, but I think TC forgot about those or plan to slowly release those over 3 years :sweat_smile:

The Diamond Gear was cool in 4, same for Emerald.

But we’re on Gears 5 now so it’s only backward steps.


Told you I was gonna get Diamond skins in Gears 5😂


Never had any doubt :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to learn and get better, no reason why anyone can’t, we all start as beginners :100:

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I’m waiting on my diamond lancer from G4. I’m a little salty and emotional.

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Have faith in TC, they never let anyone down.

It’s definitely on its way.

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Don’t want to toot my own horn but I am a fairly good player most of the time. Not diamond level in-between onyx 2 And 3 for every game mode. And tbh I work a minimum wage job currently and am far from a millionaire or even wealthy lol.

I try to be a good person most of the time. And im actually fairly poor for now :joy:. I don’t think Dan was pandering to me by tagging me

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This game should not be recommended to any human being never mind a Gears fan. Terrible in every aspect besides graphics.


Pick one.

Were loot boxes “ethical” back in Gears 4?
The thing that turned Horde mode into a day job to grind for skins and characters that were only available over a few days, and even then you weren’t guaranteed them so a nights grind after work could be all for naught?

If so, then how do you feel about skins that you were rolling dice for, were they “earned”?
Last I checked, praying to RNGsus didn’t take an ounce of skill.

I’m only going in like this because the post is giving off a sense of elitism and selective grandstanding.
That and I hate Gears 4’s monetization immensely.

Just be straight up about its highs and lows and let them decide.

Don’t lie, I’ve seen your room dedicated to your canuck bucks

I don’t even know who you are :joy:.

look out your window

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I wouldn’t recommend gears 5 even if it was free

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