I can´t play at any list

Servers are overloaded, i´ve been trying over an hour and nothing, are the servers good or is a global issue cause the last 5xp day?

thats ■■■■■■, and you know whats the worst? if we leave they ban us but dont think about is their foult having mediocres servers, i allready quit playing this afternoon and they may ban me for a couple of hours just for their jibber jabber on servers.

Don’t worry bro, everyone is having issues.

and still… almost 24 hours

Well yeah, it was a Sunday, I expected a slow response…

Today though, things will be getting fixed :blush:

i hope so, cause im at lobby now and still the same, almost 9 minutes and a big nothing but as i said, if we leave those will ban me.

I was getting frustrated too much because of the issues so I’m going to wait until it’s all fixed :+1:

Hi there,

Please post in the primary thread about the connection issues HERE!

Also, please do not avoid the wordfilter, I changed your post due to that reason.