I can play quick play but not ranked?

whats wrong with my game? i cannot find a ranked game but i can find a quick play game in a couple seconds.

please help.

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Don’t necessarily know why that would be happening, but my best guess is that it’s taking longer than normal for the matchmaking system to find opponents in your skill range. When you play ranked it takes your rank and all the other players ranks into account before throwing you in a match. If you’re unranked it might be having trouble finding other unranked players possibly. This is just my guess.

This happened to me also man, I just gave up and turned it off.

Haven’t played any ranked today. I’ll boot up a ranked match in a bit and see if I get one in a decent time frame.

I played a good few but the last hour or so I was waiting for 10-15 minutes.

when i say i cant find a game i mean i have never found one. i have waited up to 45 minutes. i have 70 ping on average

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Never found one since launch? Or never found one today?

i haven’t found one since launch. i have never played a ranked game

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You may want to contact TC on twitter then. That’s really strange. There are also support forums here as well. You may want to try posting there.

where are there support forums? i have friends with this issue as well


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there is no way to report a direct issue those are just FAQ


I’m having the exact same problem.

i can play ranked with friends but i cant alone