I can not play multiplayer


I tried play multiplayer beetween 11-12 HRS CDMX and I can not because the mapa did no charge, it founds players and let me choose a map but did not start.

The problem Is RAGANI

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Did you not think to scroll down the page a bit before creating YET ANOTHER thread about something that other people have highlighted? And which TC are currently looking into?

Jesus wept.

It’s sad to see a forum member constantly being so passive aggressive. Do multiple threads really get you that But-hurt? DO NOT FEAR, THE THREAD SHERIFF IS HERE. We get it constantly from you, There’s better/nicer ways to word things man, your crappy attitude drives ppl away from the forums I guarantee it.

Pepper is actually one of the more helpful forum members here so I don’t think it’s accurate to paint him the way you have when there are guys here who habitually troll without ever contributing anything helpful to new members.

That said, I do think that regular members need to remember that the default way posts are listed is not organized by the newest threads and the search is not a great one so most people coming here will not find what they need and will need to post a new thread.

I cringe at how many people are put off by this place because their first interactions here are bad ones. We should all exercise a little patience and show support for new members

It’s a bit like multiple people putting the same question to a committee despite the answer having been answered, and minuted. Or asking a stranger for an answer when you have the internet. I’ll accept if its an old question and theres no recent thread, except there were about 4-5 threads last night about this and all anyone had to do was scroll down.

Hopefully it will be getting fixed soon.

FYI, if I come here and don’t toggle to see the latest threads, I’m defaulted to “top” threads. I tried it just now to see what a new or casual forum visitor would see and I saw zero threads mentioning the matchmaking issue, even after scrolling down the equivalent of 5 pages.

Unlike normal forums that sort by recent topics, this one does the goofy “top” threads sort and I don’t expect new visitors to realize that since very few places do that. In fact, this is the only forum I’ve even been to that does. This is why we see the same things posted over and over and it seems as if people are failing to scroll down when that’s not the issue at all.

No disrespect but I’m not sure why my point is being lost on everyone…
I’m not having a problem. I always see the latest posts like the rest of the regulars here do. I’m explaining why new and casual users are posting threads that the rest of us see littering the first page. It’s because they don’t see the same posts we do because the forum shows them “top posts”.

That’s why I’m trying to educate the regulars and ask them to be patient with casual users rather than driving them off as happens here so often. My of my friends who play Gears have been here (several dozen people) and from what I gather none of them plan to come back unfortunately.

I understand you mate :smile:, but forums newbies just rush to post like it’s the end of the world, then some comes to argue about it :smile: , that’s why forums is not considered a main channel to contact TC.

@MST_DRAGO TC is working on it…

Edit 2:
I think there should be an HTML feature/control that could make Forums accessible for newly created accounts, it’s called Tour, it acts like a wizard that highlight each section of the forums.

At then end, community should be patient on each others, that’s why I agreed with you in the first place.