I can not delete Gears 5 on PC

I preinstalled gears of war 5 on the pc about a week ago, now that it became possible to play it, I went into it, but it does not load on the menu. I decided to reinstall the game, but after the deletion, there was no free space on the disk, I clicked install, and about 780mb downloaded, but nothing changed. Then I deleted the game again and went into the windowsapps folder, and there the folder with the game (65GB) remained and I don’t know how to completely remove it

Remove/uninstall from “Apps and Features” in Windows settings.

tried the same thing (

I had the same problem. Something went wrong with the download and the game files still took up 59 GB in the WindowsApps folder and it didn’t appear in the Apps and Features list to uninstall.

  1. Get access to the WindowsApps folder following these instructions
  2. Take ownership of the game folder (make sure you have the right folder) and give yourself Full Control permission over the folder and its content.
  3. Delete the folder (be careful not to delete other folders or some App may stop working).
  4. Be happy

Hi there.

This method did not work… I can’t access the folder, even after changing the permissions to me the folder refuses to open and let me in…

What should i do?

guys after a lot of trying i found a way to remove the game completely. on the Xbox(beta) app, try to intall the game on the same drive where you have the folder. As soon as the app tries to start the installation, cancel the process, this will remove the game content from your drive. (changing the permissions for the Windowsapps folder did not work for me.)
Hope it works for you all.


THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKED FOR ME. Bless you for trying this and reporting that it works. Nothing else works!!! This is absolutely a terrible problem and Microsoft/Xbox needs to fix this ASAP! Every single game I have installed via the Windows Store and Xbox (Beta) app and then uninstalled is still being kept in my WindowsApp folder!

You are literally a saviour, from all the tons of ‘‘expert’’ articles and microsoft support nonsense this is the only think that worked, thank you so much

Do you cancel it as soon as it starts downloading or do you wait for it to download and then cancel it when it begins to install? Please let me know which one is it buddy. Thanks