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I call BS. The tech test proved it

On Twitter you say you have this new cloud based matchmaking that’s going to be insane and paid you up perfectly with people and it’s so legit it’s unreal.

So you’re telling me this wasn’t applied to the tech test?

Because I was still paired against people with pings that were between 100-150 higher than my own. And their profiles were in languages not native to America. They’re gamer tags were clearly in languages not native to America. And when I spoke to them, they couldn’t communicate because they didn’t speak English.

So either you’re lying… or you didn’t even have any search parameters in the tech test.

Why spend all that time and money to develop some badass search BS, if it doesn’t even work?

And I’m tired of your excuse that anything within a ~250 ping is fair game. When I pay good money for my good internet and you pair me up against people who are using a public WiFi from a cafe around the corner, or someone who is playing gears while 8 people in their family are also steaming various shows on streaming services, I should not be penalized because of their garbage connection, and your desire to sell this game to as many people as possible, regardless of their ability to play legit games.

Your parameters need to be lowered. No ~250 ping. It should be ~100-125 at most.

So I call BS. I really do. There’s no way I live in the middle of Oklahoma, and on a Saturday during the Gears tech test, where there are thousands and thousands of people on… the closest you can get me in a game are people across a border… I call BS.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the single biggest problem you face making a Gears game. And I think that’s why people leave. Because you try to focus on quantity of games sold, and not the quality of those games. Hats why vets leave. That’s why your games are plagued, PLAGUED by foreigners. Because your game has a distinct advantage to higher latency players that most games do not have. And until you address this problem and make a game that works properly… it doesn’t matter how good it looks. If it doesn’t work… nobody is going to play.


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