I buy Lizzie, now I want the Saison 2 Pack. Can I get my Iron back?

If I not get the Iron back, I don’t buy the Saison 2 Pack. So give me the Iron, I give u money :wink:



Well Iron purchases are final except for rare cases of Iron glitches.
The Season 2 pack I am guessing you mean Op 2 pack well that requires real money not Iron but it does give Iron as well

But already having one Charakter don’t drop the price, so I want my Iron back. There was no note in the shop about this


Yeah dropped a ball with that one as operation 2 pack is good value.

Maybe tweet Rod your plight and see what he can do.

Where can I tweet Rod? U mean on Twitter? I don’t have this ■■■■.
Is there no other way?

In every Steam Game u get a hint before buying and u get a discount if u have something from a bundle -.-


If you don’t use twitter, you can’t contact them… Even if you do use twitter you’ll never get a reply from TC anyway!

Microtransactions of War 5 Ultimate Bug Edition doesn’t give you anything for free… Game is dead already and this forum soon will be also :joy:


This is so stupid -.-
So I save money :rofl:

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If you still buy it you still get a deal even if you bought one of the characters for 5 bucks I mean you get $10 worth of Iron and pretty much a $20+ weapon set thats awesome and exclusive to it and you get the other characters still and you still get a deal

Well are you playing on steam?

If so I mean all games are different and I barely see games do that.

Its still good, but I pay 5€ more than others. Its ■■■■.

Well you can always buy it if you ever want to still get the deal best of luck to you.

mistakes will cost you. you have lived life a little. :pinching_hand:

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I’m so sorry this happened to you my friend

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Ouch sorry bro. Gotta be smarter with your money. There’s tons of ways to be stupid with it and these companies will let you if you’re stupid enough. Just consider this a learning experience and don’t let it keep happening to you.


don’t buy anything anymore… Better buy Zombie Army 4, That’s is a bug free, endless fun and challeging game … You won’t regret it :slight_smile:


Can I get my iron back? Is this a real question? :joy:

yes, it is

You won’t get an answer this way. Either go on Twitter and ask Octus, hopefully he’ll answer. Or open up a ticket, which will take them forever to answer.

Highly doubt they’ll refund you for the simple reason that you were the one that purchased the character prior to the bundle.

To be clear, that wasn’t meant to be an insult to you but rather to the greedy practices of most games nowadays.