I brainstormed ideas about gears 5 that would make in more fun and I want to share it with Tc and everyone

I know gears 5 could really boil your blood from errors and glitches that mess up the enjoyment of the game, gears 5 is without out a doubt a good game. I though feel it still has potential to grow. I’m composed of many ideas that may make this game even cooler.

How about some new modes in the future? When I think of new modes, a good one to add to gears 5 is to add “beast mode”. I think it would be awesome to add this mode because it would make sense and more fun to be the swarm enemies
in that horde style mode since you can be on either side in Pvp matches, why not do the same for this mode. In fact it would be even better to just edit the script in horde and add the details and functions that allow players to be on not only be in Cog team but also allow them to be the beasts, this would also make it more competitive as well.

Another thing Tc could do is add this mode I created in my head and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to share it. I couldn’t figure out a name for the mode but thats ok.I want to describe what I picture in head of how it would work. In this new mode their would be the good side as well as the opposing side in an open world sandbox. The sandbox world would take place in settlements from the campaign where they would roam freely around settlements and team up to defend and kill each other. When your on swarm team, the game shows a hole erupting from the ground like how you would see in campaign. When your cog team, the game would show a helicopter flying and landing near a settlement. Keep in mind the animations would start while the game loads just in Black ops cold war. The settlements would also have weapon spawns, vehicles, and bots so I could make the game more interesting instead of roaming around dry and boring buildings, roads ect. This mode would basically be a battle royal style mode except that your in 1 of 2 teams.

Tc could also add a new mode where players are put in teams in arenas to fight to the death with hands instead of weapons. I thinks this would be cool way to reflect on the scene of Fahz fighting the db in the campaign. Again this would make the mode fun and competitive if Tc knows how to create this without making it boring.

The last idea I have in mind isn’t a mode but more like an update tc could add. The update would have armor customization just like in halo, and the same loading screen animation i was talking about earlier. I think it may give Tc time to think of and create new skin designs. It would also make the game more customizable and even more interesting since you could change the armor and change the colors. Players love customization and different ways to compete with each other in versus.

These are some of my ideas that I would love to see in gears 5. I came up with them to reflect on some of the events or acts that occur in the campaign. Gears 5 is game that continues to grow with new ideas and updates and I want to see gears succeed and be the best game despite the bugs. I know Tc is working on a new gears of war project and if they don’t plan on doing this, hopefully they could put all of my ideas to work to the future gears of war game. What do you think?

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