I bought hive baird and got scammed

It did not say in terms that i had to buy default barid aswell to play as hive baird surely i deserve a refund

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Good luck getting a refund, Baird’s challenges are honestly probably the easiest and will take maybe 3-4 hours if you really focus on them.

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Good luck. Many months later and not a word from TC on my support ticket and tweets. Would take them literal minutes to help, but they don’t really care about you, just your money.

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All skins require the base character. TC stated this before launch. It sucks, but that’s how it is.


They’ve said many times you need base character. Combine that with common sense and this is not something TC should refund at all. There’s been a couple other things I’ve seen that should but definitely not this


Edit: just checked and the game does warn you, ish. Forget what I said!


I mean at this point, people should be aware of how skins work. It has been over 3months since the release of the game.

Then again, a nice disclaimer in the store would do TC some good.


Well it feels more like basic common sense. If I buy a PlayStation remote and I only have an Xbox, I shouldn’t yell at Sony for not telling me that the PS4 remote wouldn’t work without an actual PS4.

Edit: this may be a terrible analogy, but I have a headache so do as I mean, not as I say.


lmao! lesson well learned, now you should know not to buy anything from TC :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you need a skin to play another skin…

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Read the fine print, or better yet don’t buy from them.

People had the same issue with the COG Gear and related Halloween skin and TC made it clear they needed the base character first.

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When you don’t have a character and try to purchase a skin for said character a message pops up asking you if you are sure you want to buy a skin for a character you don’t have. Learn to read ■■■■■■


Well, there’s your disclaimer. I’m stealing that pic, for when somebody else inevitably makes another thread on this subject.

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Doesn’t anyone read the rules? TC have stated in a previous “what’s up” that you need to own the default character in order to use skins. They don’t unlock the whole character. You should know this.


It’s hilarious how many people have this problem

I know… I just don’t understand how it’s not obvious.

Tubbie - your not trying to buy that Deebee are you? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: @foosniper

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U didn’t get scammed, Of course u need the charecture to use the skin, that should be obvious, it’s like buying a playstation game and expecting to play it without a playstation, if u don’t have the one u can’t use the other, if u bought the token u still need to unlock him, if u bought the operation 2 bundle u should be able to use him straight away

I said something similar, I said it’s like buying a playstation game and expecting to play it without a playstation, it is just common sense

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No it’s just like anything else, u need a playstation to play a playstation game, u need an xbox to play an xbox game, u need a cd player to play a cd