I believe this is my first christmas without an XP event in al those years of GEARS

Why Why Why oh Why no XP Event with Christmas …
I Hate f…cking christmas so it was a good excuse to leave the Table …

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I think it’ll be fine.


when ?

I like to pretend I have food poisoning and spend the evening in the bathroom. Who needs GOW when you can sit on the bog and read a book?


during the week I study and read. … with christmas I want Gears with 2/3/4/5/6/7 times XP … who The F…ck is TC to change this golden rule…!!


Is there a rule saying there needs to be double xp?


Nope. Also the game itself should be enough. If enjoyment is dependent on chasing ever-increasing numbers next to your gamertag, then it may be time to reevaluate things. Either the game is fun enough to be enjoyed or it isn’t. XP should just be a small bonus.

Well that as well, I understand that it’s the usual but if they didnt promise it then I dont see the issue.

Either way I’m not losing sleep, I don’t really play 5 anymore lols.

Don’t tell others how to enjoy gaming.


Dont know why people want an xp event. TC gave us plenty of iron to have boast forever and its really not that hard to hit reup 60 level 100 and character xp TC gives us plenty of daily that award 15k class xp so i don’t even see the problem. If it was the old reup system i can understand but the new reup system anyone can hit reup 60 level 100 with no xp event.

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus daily class xp? Explain?

Normally I work towards the XP Event, hoped to close the LX 100 in a few days, LX 28 now so … bit of a disapointment.
But getting LX100 in Gears 5 isn’t that hard … Gears 4 was a killer … damn after getting 454.715.192 XP I had it with the game … Overdose … !! and yes it was also with the Christmas double xp event …

Its nothing special unless your classes are low level. Just the daily hives/horde map challenges that gives class exp/ridiculously low amount of coins for the effort.

i m not a fan of escape … only Lethal Engagements on Master … first 20 kills and restart act again … :grin:

Feels weird gears not having a XP event at Christmas. Can only imagine they most likely don’t have the time or resources to plan it and make it. This is why it didn’t happen

yep …

What concerns me about the lack of an event isn’t the event itself, but what that means for support going forward. Even after Gears 4 was no longer being actively developed, it still got XP events and store updates on occasion to keep the community interested.

If this is an indication that Gears 5 won’t receive similar treatment, that lends credence to the rumor that TC is working on a different game first before coming back to Gears 6. It may be a very long and desolate wait before we get anything new at all.


Gears has always been pretty involved during the holidays. It’s unfortunate we didn’t hear much. Some of my better memories on gears is meeting new people that hop on during do events or just having all my friends grind out and talk for awhile. Would be nice to see increase in player count too. It’s a bit down for Xbox right now

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Looks like no interrest who 's playng the game you made … normally as a developer you show interest

the other project could also come after that, as it was already suspected, otherwise it would be about 5 years for Gears and it is successful, let’s wait for E3 then I want to hear something from TC with release dates;)