I believe this can fix the customization complaints ... anyone wants to 'weigh in'?

With what is already in game, now you just add either one of the three or both:

  1. An objective that is individually shown to each player each match/random matches, that when accomplished you get the loot/gift.
  2. Samething as 1; but now it’s shown for everyone & everyone has the option to get it, & if you have it already it won’t count for you specifically… either it’s an objective or you just grab it. But those who have it can’t grab it; Or have the gift count for their accomplished objective.
  3. A location (s) on the map where it allows only 1/or those people who don’t have the gift climb/go into/over cover to… (for the sake of the following, maybe just 1) to go to extended locations outside the map to go find the loot/gift, for set amount of time… when timer runs out the environment puts you back (ex: water rushing) to the map’s area zone in play.

What do you guys think… pick one?