I believe in JD

Greetings Gears,
I just want to express my feelings about Gears 5’s change to Kait as the main character.
After the reveal at E3 something bothered me and I didn’t know exactly what it was … After replaying the Gears 4 campaign it made me sad to know that JD is becoming a side character in G5.
First of all it has NOTHING to do that Kait is a female protagonist!
What bothers me is the change from one main character to another in the series. Rod explained in an interview that it was a naturally grown process to make Kaid the new main character since it is Kait’s story after all and made the comparison to Mad Max: Fury Road. But that doesn’t convince me… I mean, if it is Kait’s Story why didn’t the new chapter of Gears START with Kait in the first place?
I clearly wouldn’t have any problems with that!
I have the feeling that JD was dumped because of the backlash he received in some reviews comparing hin to Nathan Drake from Uncharted.
Clearly JD wasn’t the Bad A** like his father, but how could he? Unlike Marcus he knew war only from Stories. In G4s campaign I could feel JDs struggle being Marcus Fenix’s son and NOT wanting to be like him. But like life teaches us that we can’t choose our fate, we have to accept ones fate. What JD and Marcus have in common are “Dad issues” and after all, in my opinion Gears was always about Dad issues. Therefore it makes JD a believable character which makes me care about him.
After seeing JDs new look in G5, my first reaction was: Yes, finally he looks like the Bad A** I want him to be and want to play as him!
But unfortunately it is not going to happen…

These are my thoughts, what do you guys and gals think about it? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a nice day,


PS: Sorry if my English isn’t always perfect, since I’m not a native speaker… but I wanted to share my thoughts with the community


I don’t mind Kait being the main protagonist, she was much more interesting than JD and Del anyway. If the campaign starts mentioning Social Justice issues and #MeToo crap, they’ll lose me faster than Star Wars and I’ll trade it back in on launch day. Keep politics out of entertainment, that’s all I ask.


Yeah I doubt they would have the metoo movement in there…I don’t think they are that stupid to include anything of the sort

I didn’t think George Lucas would be stupid enough to allow his baby to be turned into a joke either. Can’t put anything past these people anymore.


I think we’ll still be able to play as JD being protagonist too.
The Campaign looks to be split into two, Kait and Del.
And JD with Squad.
We may still play as JD in sections.


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I was thinking the same thing…maybe 1 squad will get 1 act another get act 2 then they all come together for act 3 and on or something rather

If they go that route I hope it’s executed better than Judgment. Actually the story in Judgment was pretty good, I just hated those checkpoints and star requirements for each section.


Yeah, like how Gears 3 did it.
Marcus, Dom, Anya and Jace.
Then Baird, Cole, Sam and Clayton.
Then they join together for the rest of the Campaign, in squad of four,

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I honestly think that the only reason people found Kait to be more interesting is that Reyna was missing longer than Marcus

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Of course Campaign will be split between JD and Kait points of view, it’s just Kait’s path being the more important story-wise. They wouldn’t have revealed Fahz, talk about him this early just to get rid of him after a cutscene in the final game.

The Coalition just want the players to be used to the new statu quo of Kait before revealing more details: she’s the main character.

keep in mind they can do what gears3 did and make it multiple campaigns in one where we switch back and forth which i think they will why else would they introduce that new guy?

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I hope they are going this way, that would be great :+1:

TC probably going down the Halo 5 campaign route.
80% kait is the main character
15% JD is the main character
5% delta squad are the main characters.

My guess is Fahz is only there for the co-op campaign.
Unfortunately the thing they keeps JD arm stable is a sign saying that he got replaced due to fan’s negative reactions to you. :frowning:

JD was totally underutilized I agree OP. I was looking forward to how they were gonna expand on his character.
Even when comparing Marcus and Dom. Dom had a much bigger character arc than Marcus. Yet we still played as him throughout all three games.
I was looking forward to seeing how we would see his character grow. I think Gears 4 did a mediocre job in terms of story but I was willing to let that go if the sequel made up for it. And I just hope it does.


Politics has always been a part of entertainment. It’s just that it used to be a lot more subtle (probably in part to keep from getting executed by the writers’ respective rulers). Problem is (in certain media) when the political messages overshadow the the entertainment aspect, it takes the fun out of it and turns it into a lecture.

JD may have just been a bridge, so to speak. They were introducing new characters and a story scenario; having a Fenix helm the new game could have been a way to draw people in, and have them feel connected.

What’s your opinion on that scene on gears 4 when Kaits going off about having babies? That seemed pretty unnecessary to me but I’m sure 5 will be riddled with that stuff

breeding farms my dawg they’re real dont know if they exist in the current era but when prescott was chairman he’d force some women or girls as young as 10 to make babies to “boost human numbers”
it was in the comics it’s pretty messed up but thats the lore around that stuff

Don’t even recall it, guess that speaks for how memorable the campaign actually was for me. The only things I remember about it are that God-awful catapult part, the ridiculous windflare sections, Baird and Cole’s return, and feeling sad when I thought Marcus died.