I am tired of playing with people who can’t read

Just here to rant.
I am so tired of setting up a horde lobby for a daily challenge with everything written in the title just for people to not read it.

Lvl16+ : “hmm I guess I’ll join even though I’m level 3”

Protect the taps: “hmm I guess I’ll move the fabricator to my favorite spot anyways”

Read the mods: “hmm I guess I’ll join as an engineer, even though fortifications are 1000% more”

Do your perks:”hmm I guess I’ll deposit since that’s what I’m used to”

Dps only: “hmmm I guess I’ll join as jack, even though I can only use my ability once”

1-50: “hey why aren’t we just doing wave 50?! Guess I’ll quit”

I just want to be in a game with people who can read.

I understand sometimes there’s a language barrier for some players but man I’m sure they can read the modifiers in their own language.

I love these horde challenges, I just can’t stand the people who don’t read and waste our time.


Not to defend this behavior but half the time I don’t read the full title because it hasn’t loaded in yet. I see a room, a difficulty and it’s not full yet. I jump in. I do agree lvl 3’s shouldn’t be allowed to join a Masters lobby. I think it should be lvl 10 at least.


Escape is the same, 18 or up… Joins as a 16. The list is endless.

Some ppl just want carried, played master decent last night. A reup 45 joined, they kept trying to melee combo all the elites and continued to get beat down.

I checked their achvs and they only had 83k kills in horde/escape.

I asked if they just idle xp but they didnt understand the question.

While high lvl/reup should indicate good/ experienced players i doesn’t work like that sometimes.

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Theres always some dude joining as a level 1 or 3 and to be honest it amazes me. Did you just join this morning?


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Literally played a match this morning with the 1000% fortification cost and we had a level 4 mechanic that did nothing but sit in between everyone else and went down the most, ugh Carrys.

I had a level 3 one time bark orders at me one time as I was Baird at the time and he wanted 4 lockers. Never gave him a single one.

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The game is full of ■■■■■■■■!

It’s actually just as amusing as it’s frustrating to watch what these people do.

The game on bunker the other day, we had two randoms global chat why the active reload wasn’t working properly. :man_facepalming:

Yesterday a random demolitions on Naxsus frenzy buys three GLs straight up to fill the lvl 4 locker I build. Doesn’t fire once and leaves on wave 3.

They gotta learn somehow​:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Well, I had a completly different situation. I joined a lobby named “all welcome”, and there were 4/5 players.

So I joined, and the first thing on the chat was “Demolition or kicked”, and I was like … “bruh…”

And yeah, I got kicked because I wanted to play Medic


Thats rude. i have been kick fatster then that with no ask or anything i am like WTF.

Don’t you just love it when the world is full of people who think they are important?

Makes me feel so much more important. Aren’t we having fun yet???
I sure am running around in beginner mode, doing less work then others and getting three gold cards from hardly doing anything.

Still, if we as humans didn’t accept counter culture, we would have much more logical sense in gaming lobbies to the point that this community would be very intimidating on how very cooperative all aspects of figurative teamwork is shown.

But instead we got memes. A picture with words that commentates to parody and comedy. This caused a lot of change and caused many things to become much more simpler.

Once comedy has fulfilled its promise, tragedy will occur and well… what’s more predictable then the end of the world?

That’s right. Incompetent teammates. Yay!

I keep writing in my games to have a mic and it gets ignored :confused:

I dont read anything and join rooms indescriminately. I have no idea what horde level I am but its definitely newb AF.

Boo yah!


First and only time I used the custom browser I got kicked before I could even load in. The host never said anything either.

Side note: Im pretty sure I’ve played with you before through a friend in gears 4.

Gears 5 horde has turned me into a Nazi with how idiotic people are on there. Like I have to dictate what every single player does. I don’t take it this far, but sometimes it feels like I should.

“Hey please deposit until we are set up.”
“Hey build one locker at a time.”
“Hey set down the fabricator and bring it to defend the taps.”
“Hey engineer, you should be helping your team to do well, not buying sentries until later.”
“Hey engineer, please put some fences at choke points, even if it’s partway across the map.”
“Hey engineer, set up some defenses near the new tap, even though it’s a bit far away. The extra health helps a lot.”
“Repair the taps between waves goddamnit!”

I also kick people all the time for being dumb. It used to make me feel bad so I never would, but now I do and things go much smoother without that sniper who’s only done 50,000 damage by wave 8.

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The two types of people I hate the most in horde:
The engineer who thinks he doesn’t have to do anything during waves. Just afk on their phone.
And players who lazily sit in the same spot all game and rarely help collect power, or cap and colect taps.

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This is where I think tc should add a bunch of extra features to custom games that allow us to set rules in advance so ppl can’t join if they don’t meet the requirements.

If you say lvl 16+, there should be a box the host checks to say no one under 16 can join. If you have class restrictions, we should be able to select just the ones that can join, if it’s just DPS, have all fortifications turned off (I’d say turn off the fabricator, but some classes, like gunner, need to buy weapons)… ya kno, That kind of stuff. That way, it would weed out a bunch of ppl & we’d only have to deal with the small amount of other stuff that can’t be controlled.

I don’t ever see this happening in gears 5, but hopefully tc are listening for gears 6.


I joined a master escape as demo on clock, picked up 1 shock nade from 2nd ammo room, host pauses then kicks me. I messg them saying if u wanted something just ask for it in chat.

Games full of complete donkeys that cant use teamwork, ive seen infiltrators not picking up gnashers and an anchor use a cryo cannon on decent, also u get the idiots that die before a safe room then respawn and take ammo for a pistol.


Last night trying to get the daily hord done. made it to 11, with no help from this disruptive player. he did not help in the fight or pick up anyone. he spent the last of our money on a forge then started buying and throwing shocks at it. Mind you he place it between the team and the fbractor so no one could revie and deposite.


I was so flipping pissed. The host did not kick him. mind you this was frenzy.

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