I am invisible = the enemy is blind as a bat LOL

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Ok, I’ve ordered pizzas more deserving of a thread.


Locust cataracts are a real issue you know!

This dude/bot seems to spam the queue with their terrible videos.


relax, if my video is so terrible why dont you upload yours, lets see your skills


They did live underground for quite some time, maybe they cant adjust to tcs new maps and this is why older games were darker?

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The gifs of the anime girls really added to the production value.


Its always good to get free editing tips.

I like how you specifically use the term “girl” (as opposed to “women”).

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I have a failed attempt of me trying to solo Malfunction as lvl 18 Architect.
Who wants to see it? Raise your hand cuz I can post it.
You can bring popcorn.

And sorry, there won’t be any anime girls.

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The question is if it contains the rage and suffering you would expect from attempting such. Malfunction can be a right ■■■■■ even as Marksman.

No rage hehe I did try just for a few attempts but wasn’t going at it for hrs.
I just wanted to see how far I can make it go ( hint - I made it all the way to the last room before LZ - the room on the right. My spawn in second act was Dr1 with salvo, then stump with Bastion and finally 2 flyers at the end)

Anime is F*****G weird man. You can have a girl that looks like she’s 8 years old and the plot will be like “She’s a 10,000 year old witch”. On the other hand you can have a girl look like she’s 40 and the plot will be like “yeah, she’s 14”. So I just stay on the safe side and say girl.

Aahaha! I bet you make crap internet videos!!!

All my videos were intentionally terrible as they were an accurate exhibition of my versus gameplay experience.

I gave up on making new videos as it wasnt worth my time.

Main thing is I didn’t spam the queue with a new thread that looks like it was written by a bot every time I made a video either. It’s generally frowned upon behavior.

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me, i dont give up, you dont see me spam 20 videos every minute, i only post once a week

Awww Pepper… you didn’t have to out me like this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Heres one of my poor clips😕

Destroying Christmas noobs on starwars battle front from many years ago using the app on the xbox.

Special shout out to Luke Skywalker for getting trampled, you can see at the very end how op the DL44 was that i used.

I’ll save anyone who is even considering watching this poop video some time - there’s no anime girls in it.