I am having to quit every horde wave 1

I am working through my commendations trying to get jd lancer kills three games in a row I was stopped from being him so just quit right out. How is this a good addition to the game? Who does this benefit? It didnt help me or the other person playing as jd? It is total crap.

I like that you can only have 1 class per team cause not everyone is playing a Heavy like in gears 4. However it does suck when 2 people want the same char, no one switches, the match decides for them and the person who lost leaves at wave 1. They should add a feature to que into matches where your char isn’t already taken.

They should just make players search with the character class instead of searching for players.
So if you select JD and search the game will search for games that has a JD slot open.

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